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Thursday, August 26, 2010


These photos are showing up backward. To get the sequence that these photos were taken you'll have to start at the bottom of my post. I don't know how to rearrange them without starting all over. It's late and I'm tired. I hope that you can understand how I whip my edge because nobody showed me how to do corners or to change to a new piece of yarn. I guess that next time I'll post my photos and tell my story after. Sorry folks.  JB

Notice that I didn't quite go right up to the mark in the corner

Getting closer to the corner, you have to try to whip a bit at an angle to make a decent corner.

Getting ready to whip the corner, a little patience needed here.

Getting ready to whip over loose ends to secure them before continuing whipping.

Starting with a new  piece of whipping yarn by doing the same thing on the outside, securing the ends by whipping over them a few times  and hiding the other under the binding later.

Cutting the yarn and tucking the ends under and securing it by whipping over a few times and and the other piece will be hidden by the binding
I'm proud of myself. Today I've managed to whip most of my rug edge and I only have about another 12 inches to go. That's a lot of whipping but it not like whipping cream I tell you. I sacrificed washing my dishes and they're still in the sink, until tomorrow. Something had to give to spend quality time with my rug.
I marked the corner for whipping so I wouldn't have to guess where to put my needleAdd caption
It's funny, when I start something, I'm unstoppable until I start something else.  Take this silly little blog for example, it's keeping me up later than usual and I know that I have to wake up at 6:30 am.  I have this unwritten rule that I owe my readers something. I always had a sense of duty, no matter what I do. I get dedicated until I get real tired. Not much to talk about tonight. What could I possibly tell you about whipping that would be entertaining? Nothing was happening while I was silently whipping. Oh yeah... I took some photos while I was whipping away...  JB