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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Friday, January 7, 2022


 Why do I feel guilty for not posting more often? Is it only me who feels this way?

It's so dark and gloomy today, snowy and windy and I thought I'd show you some color. One of my blooming Christmas Cacti. I tried to show the underside of the blooms with my cell phone  I had to use the Selfie mode.

Last night around 11:00pm, I was up later than usual. I was hooking on my rug and I got a ping on my cell phone. 

I was wondering who could that be, so late at night.  My first thought was maybe some family member needed my help. No, it was Google, telling me that I had changed my password to my Google account one hour ago. 

The only thing was, I didn't change my password. I went to check my Google account and I couldn't get in. It asked me to verify my new password but I didn't have a new password that I could verify. I got the runaround. So I turned off my computer and went to say my night prayers and got into bed and slept undisturbed all night. 

Today at lunchtime, I told my husband what had happened to my Google account last night.  He said,         " Oh, I think I changed your password last night".  I said," Impossible, you could not have changed my password from your own computer." He said, last night I got into the Catholic Crusade site, (and being visually impaired), he got stuck somehow. He saw the red Subscribe sign and clicked on it and he said your name came up and it asked me to put in a new password and I did." 

To make a long story short, I used to belong to that site years ago using my recovery email address, the same email address that he is using right now)  but I was getting too many emails and I unsubscribed from it because I couldn't keep up with all the emails.

 Thank goodness, he wrote down the new password. He gave me the password that he used and I tried it and it worked. I got back into my Google account.  Mystery solved. The only thing, I can't use my recovery email address, which is my old email address that we used to share together before I created my Google account for my blog. 

 When my new laptop was set up, somehow,  it still had the old email address,  and when I click on the share button, it opens up to my old email which I can no longer access, so I cannot share.  My computer can only recognize my google account. I have no idea how to fix this, but life goes on.


I have cuttings from my very own grown sweet potatoes started. I'll only show one here. I have others rooting in water that needs transplanting. 

I finished my little baby blanket on New Year's day, a bit smaller than the other ones I've made earlier.  The pattern is very easy as it uses only a single crochet and a half double crochet. 

This was what it looked like yesterday, today is snowy, what a contrast. I'll spare you the picture.

More color, of another Christmas cactus on this somber day.

This Christmas cactus has seen better days. It desperately needs either repotting or a new start but it keeps on blooming anyway. It's getting old and pot-bound.

It came crashing down yesterday as it's top-heavy and broke several branches but it's still blooming.

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