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Friday, December 30, 2011


What a week this has been and it's only Friday.  Sorry if I haven't been around much but it has been a kind of busy crazy week. I got myself so tired burning the candle at both ends that I got myself a nasty cold for Christmas and have been working sick. I'm on the mend but still have a bit of phlegm in my chest. I've been eating raw onions to stop the coughing. Thanks to my daughter Christine, for the tip, it works.

Since Christmas Eve we've have had 7 cows giving birth and 7 calves.  4 heifers and 3 bulls. I still have 3 more cows that are due  to calve tomorrow. I hope that they wait a day or two.  I now have 14 small calves and 8 larger calves to care for and calving cows that comes in my area of the barn on a regular basis on top of my other chores. We even had a calf born on Christmas Day but we managed to make it to my daughter and son's in law house for a great turkey dinner anyway. We've had late nights working at the farm almost all week.

On Christmas Eve we had family visiting and everyone was glad to see James and his parents of course.

On Christmas morning James opened his many presents. I didn't take many pictures as I was totally wasted from the cold and a run down feeling. Christmas was a routine work day for my husband and I.

James tasting some of his Tubby toys with his mom, my daughter Christine.

Here, he opened his wall mount bubble maker for the tub. Bath time is really going to be fun for mom and dad too.
Already he's turning the dial. A typical boy, he wants to know how things works. 

Here is a present from James. I had no idea what it was but what a delightful surprise to see his very own baby photo book.

The front cover.

Some earlier photos of  a sleepy baby with mom. Most of the photos in the book have been posted on my blog at some time.

You may recall these photos that I posted on my blog earlier. Halloween photos and James and his dad at the Ottawa Blues Festival.

James having fun playing and my son Vaughan holding hims. I think that James has a serious concerned look on his face, lol...

There were many other photos in the book that has already been on my blog so I won't bore you with more but this is one of my favorites on the back cover. He looks like he telling a story worth listening to. What a cool little dude.

One of his many toys that I discovered in the sunroom after they left for Prince Edward Island for a few days.

At our house our down time is making puzzle after the Christmas stir is over. It has become a tradition. Nothing relaxes me than working on a good puzzle.

  As promised here is a book that I won in a give away by author Margaret Andrews of the blog                           Nanny Goats in Panties   and hosted by our wonderful blogger friend Nezzy of Cow Patty Surprise. I read the book and found out that I used most  but not all of Margaret's suggestions in the book.  I don't always use metaphors because it's just not my style but occasionally I do. Thanks so much Margaret and Nezzy.  Go check out their blogs.

This book is a gift from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty blog.   It wasn't a give away, just a nice friendly and generous gift from a very nice blogger friend who is a good listener... She remembered my interest in the book. Now that is a special blogger friend. THANK YOU SO MUCH PATRICE FOR YOUR THOUGHTFULNESS. I so appreciate it.

Patrice's blog is always interesting and she is known for her Wednesday posts link up for chats on her porch. Check her out. It's a lot of fun learning tid bits from other blogger friends.

I'm looking forward to reading this book. I had it in bed and fell asleep after reading one page. No, it's not a boring book. I'm just so tired.

I haven't watch the TV news lately but someone  I ran into at  the grocery store, told me that the Triplet Story was one of three Highlights of the year of 2011 in the CBC TV News because it made international news. Apparently they showed a picture of me and the triplets. Who knew that someday my picture would make Highlight of the year, thanks to the triplets of course. It's all about them, ha ha ha... I'm just abroad for the ride. lol...

I sure hope that I'll post more often in the new year with shorter post but life gets in the way sometimes. I'm trying to visit your blogs but I had just to post this evening. I know that you'll understand.

Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, stay safe and warm.  JB