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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I haven't lost the thrill of the hunt feeling. Whenever I have to go uptown if I have the time I go to Value Village to check for little treasures to decorate my house.

I've made several trips in the last couple of weeks and this is what I have found.

I saw this thick shrunken wool blanket at Value Village on Monday last week.  It's 100% pure  wool and reversible. It came from a wool mill in Ottawa. At first sight, I thought who would buy a thick blanket like that. Then when we got the triplet calves last Wednesday I wondered if it was still there. To my joy, it was.  I bought it for $5.99 and I cut it in two and covered two of the triplets on a cold night as they were shivering.  I had another comforter cut for the third one.  As soon as they laid down I put the blanket on them and they went to sleep. For them to grow they need to conserve their energy.

I LOVE snowmen......... I found this cute snowman sock for $2.99.        

                                       This Hallmark snowman for $1.99 with  the label still attached

                                                            Small hanging pillow $ .69

                                                             Another small hanging pillow

                                               This snowman sock was only $.99

                                                          This folksy Santa for $3.99

          This hockey playing snowman was lopsided and I glued it and now stand straight for $.99

                                              A nutcracker to add to my small collection $2.99

A long playing music box $1.99

                 A large 100% pure virgin wool skirt $5.99 and pure wool jacket $5.99. I like that it has only         one button.

                       A large 100% pure virgin wool green large pleated in the front skirt.  $4.99

                                        Two double matted prints in beautiful frames  $2.99 each.
                           I did bought some other treasures but will keep them for another post.

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