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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was looking for the world famous poem by Colonel John McCrae on the web, In Flanders Fields on this Remembrance day and was surprised to find two different written versions, both signed with John McCrae signature. Which one is the real one? The penmanship is different in both and the last word at the end of the first line are different also. One says  grow and the other says blow.  The one obtained from The McCrae Museum of the Guelph Museum says  blow and the one I got from Wikipedia says grow.

Thanks to Anonymous I got the photo to stay upright.  I learned a new trick today.

                                  This first copy of In Flanders Fields came from the McCrae Museum  and is the right caopy.

This second one was taken from Wikipedia and is not accurate, therefor a counterfeit copy.

It's a beautiful poem and worth preserving in it's original words. 
It makes one wonder about the accuracy our written history. Let us all remember our valiant soldiers who fought for our precious freedom. We will remember and we give thanks for all the sacrifices they endured and their families.   JB