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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Just a quick post... This past weekend it was George's 72nd birthday. I had intended of baking a cake and making a big pot of Chili.  My daughter Nicole Skyped from Scotland to wish her dad Happy Birthday. We talked for about an hour and with the time difference and our schedules it's difficult to make time to Skype.  I ran out of time to bake the cake in time for lunch and decided that I better rush to the Co-op and buy one. It just so happened it was also Reid's birthday on the same day. For those who don't know,  Reid is our employee.

Here is Reid and George bending to fit in the picture,  getting ready to cut the cake. It's a bad picture as my camera was set on Closeup and I didn't noticed.

A closeup of the cake.

Again a bad photo because my camera was on the wrong setting. We had just sat down to lunch with a bowl of hot Chili on a cold day when some acquaintances were returning a rope they had borrowed to secure bales of hay on their truck the week before.

They were invited to come in and we shared a meal together to celebrate George and Reid's birthday.
I had even toyed with the idea of baking a corn bread but had to settle on regular bread.

It was very nice sharing some stories.

My daughter Christine sent me these photos of the boys. James is a very picky eater but he just love the burger at Five Guys in Ottawa.

That's a big burger for James. Daniel ate all those fries.

This was the last bite.  I can't believe he ate the whole thing.

Thanks for visiting, my blog friends,  I really appreciate your comments.
Stay safe and warm.