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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Once again I'm visiting Patrice on her famous porch at Everyday Ruralty. Please come along with me if you want to learn more about me.

I didn't had time to copy the questions but here are the answers to her questions for this chat.

1. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it's in the middle of the week and I know that the weekend is not far.

2. Yes I have a blog and it's called Of Petals and Wool. I started to blog August 2, 2010just to challenge myself and discovered the joy of blogging and it has made me grow in ways that I wouldn't have otherwise. I made lots of great friends and some I met in person.

3. The last book I read was small but I enjoyed it. It was called The Orchard Of The Holy Spirit. I read a few pages before falling asleep.

4. Yes I doodle with a pen whenever I'm on the phone if I'm sitting down.

5.  My bathroom is in a neutral beige color and my towels are sage green and also I have some off white one.

Have a great  rest of the week everyone. JB

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Can you do this?... Bet the majority of you can't.... It's super easy for me..... In fact I like to put my whole hand in my eye when I wake up to get the sleep out. It works. Just try it.

I need a good drink of ... milk... to start my day on the right foot. It sure gives me lots of energy.

See, it's working allready. I'm all puckered up just waiting for someone to stoop down to my level so I can give them free kisses.

Playing is hard work but someone's got to do it.  Brazen is coming down from the windowsill. She not as fast as me anymore.

 I love playing in my own tent. Want to come in?

 What?........... another picture..... Can I play in peace mom?

 Yeah yeah Mom, enough already.......... playing is serious business.

No more  Paparazzi I said............... pleeease...........

I hope that you all have a great rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs,  JB

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm back.....sort of... It's Sunday afternoon and it's raining and I feel lazy. I felt like making something quick to make so I thought, that I would make some Marshmallow Rice Krispy Squares. I had an old bag of marshmallows in the cupboard and I was glad to finally use it.

Only the marshmallows were a bit too old and wouldn't melt in the butter. They just turned a nice caramelized color and puffed up but refused to melt even under prolong low heat. I hate wasting food and I let them cool. They have a nice crispy buttery outer skin and taste even better than roasted marshmallow on a stick. That was the easiest treat I ever made unintentionally.  That's what I did today.

My niece Suzette passed away on Thursday of a brain tumour. She collapsed on Sunday and was taken to the hospital and she died on Thursday. She was 50 years old. Please say a prayer for strength and courage for her husband and son and family. God bless.  JB

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Thank you all so much for all your caring comments of support about poor little Victoria.
I appreciate it very much.

Now I really need to take a break from Blogger  as I have so much things that need to get done around here and I never seem to have enough time to finish any tasks. This way I won't feel so guilty for not visiting you on your blog. Instead of spending the evening trying to get caught up, Ill try to relax more.

I'll be back when I have more time to spare. Be well everyone and take good care of yourselves. Enjoy your summer to the max. Life is too short to spend it in front of a computer.
God bless you all.   JB

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Victoria was being fed regularly and had only two bowels movements last week, but the last one was very hard and small. She was eating less and her breath started to smell bad so I knew that she was getting septic.
She only ate a tiny bit during the day yesterday and she refused to eat last evening and was getting letargic. Apparently the Kitty milk replacer wasn't aggreeing with her.  I kept her warm and did everything I could to make her comfortable. I knew that she would not make it through the night.

I checked in on her often and she layed on her side instead of her belly like usual. She was very limp late last night and she gave up the battle.  Little sweet Victoria went to Kitty Heaven a little after midnight, I covered her and went to bed.

My husband came to see if she was still alive at 5:30 this morning. He picked her up and he burried her before going to work.

Victoria thank you all for all the sweet comments that you have left on my blog about her and I thank you too. I just hope that I never find another abandoned newborn kitty. I'm getting too old for all these late night feedings.  I still haven't caught up on my sleep.

I hope that you all have a great week with no problems.  JB