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Thursday, March 16, 2017


March started pretty cold and windy with storms after storms and a mixed of temperatures.
My thoughts have turned to Spring but in the meantime life goes on.

My girls, Jackie and Christine were in Glasgow Scotland for a week to finalize arrangements for Nicole's estate and I was worrying about all the menacing stormy weather predictions. They both made it to Ottawa on Sunday and missed the storm. Then Jackie flew home the next day and  then  the storm hit. Their flight over the ocean was a bit bumpy.

 My son Vaughan greeting his sister Jackie, welcome back home.

In Ottawa, my daughter Christine said  snow drift was half way up her front door and the car was half buried in the snow. It was cold so the snow was light and drifty. Here the wind blew and snow was so heavy as the temperature rose, making it difficult to walk to the barn in the early hours of the morning.

     Lightning McQueen, Daniel's favorite race car

My grandson Daniel celebrated his 4th birthday  with his favorite car cake that his mom  ( Christine) made from scratch. The cake disappeared quickly.  He had a birthday party in town but mom was so busy, I didn't get any pictures but we understand " busy ". He had lots of fun and presents.

            Did you ever had a  box of HAPPY  delivered to you?

Sometimes last week I received a request for my mailing address from Jilda, a Yoga teacher  blogger friend of mine  from the blog TRANSFORMATION  INFORMATION and we've been keeping in touch by email once in a while.  She said she wanted to send me a box of Happy.  I expected a small package  like a book, maybe.  It's not unusual as I have received some books from blogger friends in the past.

As you can see it was inspected by custom. Can you imagine my surprise at the size of the box? My jaw dropped as I received it from the UPS delivery man as I could plainly see Jilda's name on the  package.
 I opened the package and my jaw dropped down almost to the floor again when I saw what was inside.

A floor length faux fur coat and a card. Can you believe the custom inspector also opened the card. The coat fits me to a T.  Jilda has been complaining they didn't get winter in Alabama, just a sprinkle of snow so I guess she no longer needed a fur coat. Thank you so much Jilda for your thoughtfulness. I guess she got tired of me complaining about all the cold we got this winter...

This is the second fur coat I got within a week can you believe?

Last weekend I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store to look for a barn jacket because one of my heifers grabbed the front of my jacket in her mouth and yanked my zipper off and it was beyond repair so I had to pin my jacket shut with big safety pins looking like a complete idiot.  I'm still wearing that jacket and I still look like an idiot with my black tuque and pinned jacket....hehe.

I didn't found a suitable jacket but I found a new pair of tan colored jeans for $7.99 and figured that my trip to the thrift shop hadn't been in vain. As I rounded the corner I spotted a street length mink fur coat on a hanger for $19.99.  It had a rip in the sleeve but I  picked it up anyway.  I had a coupon for $10.00 off on a purchase of at least $25.00  from a clothing donation I had given earlier this winter.
So I got that real mink fur coat for $9.99.

I had been looking for one a few years ago to make fur teddy bears but one woman saw it at the same time as me and she ran to it before me. The only one fur coat I could get was black mutton and I made one fully jointed teddy bear and gave it to a little girl who was visiting from California. Life got busy and I put my teddy bear supplies away.
Hopefully Spring is on it's way soon but in the mean time stay warm and safe.
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