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Friday, November 30, 2012


If you've been following my coming and going on this blog, you must know by now that I love  flowers. I got my love of flowers from my grandmother. She had some nice tiger lilies and some tall goldenrods.  I thought that when I'm older and  have my own house, I'll plant lots of flowers.

It all started so innocently with a little piece of this pretty bright yellow  Sundrop  perennial plant and a little piece of Phlox from my mother in law ages ago and a little piece of that one from a friend and before I knew it I was over run by flowers. I was planting seeds and needed to dig more beds to accommodate the plants divisions every year. I weeded faithfully even if I had to work in the rain.

Then I sent away for those plants and seed catalogues.  Petal greed took over... My husband had even built an attached hot house where my sunroom is now from recycled old heavy glass picture windows and angle aluminum frame. I could use it year round, starting all my own perennial and bedding plants.... I was in Petal Heaven....

Of course I was much younger and more energetic way back then. Every year I had to dig one more flower bed. It wasn't too difficult as I kept them weed free and mulched until I  had health issues  and not able to work much in the garden. Then the nasty flood  came and damaged lots of my work and brought so many weeds that I had never seen before. I started getting behind and couldn't keep up with all the flower beds. Winter came early and caught me unprepared and in the spring I had so much cleaning up to do in the beds that weeds would pop up and go to seed overnight it seemed.

I'm still not caught up but at least I've given myself a good head start for the spring. Oh I hope that the St John River doesn't overflows it's banks too much this coming spring. There's is absolutely nothing I can do about that.

Sorry, I don't have anything pretty to show you but sleeping beds today. As I reviewed my blog, I noticed that I have forgotten the huge bed at the back of the cedar hedge where my rhododendrons are .  It's needs major replanting and weeding. That bed has lots of weeds from the flood that just keep coming back.

On the left is what used to be my vegetable garden and is now a newly planted daylillies that I divided this fall  and the upper  narrow weed infested bed is a daylilly flower bed that needs to be dug up and weeded.

A the upper bed is daylillies and the lower bed is irises., some ground phlox at the lower end

Weeded and cleaned of dead foliage and the border redone.

This one need the border finished and also needs weeding. I cleaned out the dead foliage though.

Newly replanted and weeded. The border needs cleaning up as weeds got in between the bricks. Hopefully this will be done in the spring

My thorny rose bush needs the border cleaned up of weeds too.

My smallest bed of peonies needs the border cleaned of weeds

My hostas have been all cleaned up and luckily no weeds in this flowerbed.

This bed needs some landscaping as the rain water seeps in the basement when we have a heavy rain. Moss is growing here so it need major work.
I used to have foundation trees  in both beds in front of the house and I kept them pruned and when I was sick, they went wild and I had the pulled out and planted flowers instead.

Another bed inthe back cleared of dead foliage except my clematis growing on the chimney.

This is the other end . 

I have daffodils planted on the back deck. I had some excess bulbs and took two patio blocks out.

These are compost piles in the back of the hedge that are should be ready to use this spring. Not well managed as creeping charlie weeds crept in.

Hopefully the next time you see my flower beds it will be to show you some petals.

Take care and stay warm.  It's -8 Celcius in Fredericton right now. That's 17.6 Fahrenheit
Have a great weekend everyone.