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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is my second post this evening as I received these photos after I posted my first Halloween post so
check the first post  Halloween Night.

Here are my grand kids' carved pumpkins. They did a terrific job.
The little one is a gyspy, the pick pocket is acting the part. I can't remember what the two older girls are.

Isn't this one scarry?

These are from another planet I guess.

I can appreciate all the work that went into the one on the right.
                    More great pumpkins. I hope that you enjoyed this latest edition of my Halloween post. JB


Nothing too scary about this big Teddy Bear with pick-nic basket. My daughter always make her husband Joe a costume every year and in 2008 he won a $50.00 gift card from The Beer Store. He looks warm and cosy in this great costume.

In this 2009 costume he was Inspector Abberline, dectective in charge of Jack The Ripper cases in 1888.  He won a $50.00 gift card prize from BlockBbuster video store for this one. 

This year  her husband is Apollo, a junior flight officer in the TV show Battlestar Galactica as played by actor Jamie Bamber. Although his costume is dark navy blue it appears a medium blue in the bright sunlight, but we know that it's really dark Navy blue. This year he won a price for best non super hero costume at a Comic Book store.
Now that's what I call a cute big black bird. My daughter Christine is supposed to be a raven but she thinks that maybe she may be Big Bird's black cousin instead.  I agree with her.  She made all the costumes for her and her husband.

This is Halloween night and things can get pretty scarry. This again is my son in law dressed in a costume that my daughter made in 2004 and he still wears it every Halloween and sits outside on his front porch to pass treats to the kids big and small and love to scare them. He sits motionless and appears to be just a decoration and he suddenly moves and the kids screams. This year it's cold and they had a few inches of snow so there may not be that many trick or treaters showing up at his place. In 2007 he was dressed the Exorcesist but I don't have apicture of that. Click on Read More for the rest of the pictures.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today the sun has been shining but the cold wind was blowing from the north, across the river in front of our house.  I decided to clean inside the car. I vacuumed the interior and trunk and cleaned the dust and grime off the leather interior, washed the windows and around the doors but it was way too cold to wash the exterior and wax. I'll have to take a warmer day to do that. After I was done it felt good and the old  car smelled like new.  No pics of the car.

I had planned to keep a piece of this coleus for propagation for next spring  before the frost but got caught off guard. I cut a weakened little slip and put it in water, not expecting it to survive as it looked frost damaged a bit, but to my surprise today it had formed some little roots.   I'll plant it tomorrow and give it some TLC.

Here is a picture of the sickly little slip of Coleus. The leaves were frost bitten a bit.

Look at the small roots forming. Isn't nature grand? Just imagine the potential in this little piece of coleus.  

I made some quick biscuit dough  pizza for lunch. The recipe makes two. It has become a favorite around our house. I love hot pepper flakes and parmesan cheese but had to do without the parmesan. 

Someone had given the church some carrots for our church supper but it wasn't on the menu. They used what they could  at some other functions but had to get rid of the rest because they were starting to get spots on them. My husband took them home for the compost. I checked them out and those under were still good and I managed to save 15 pounds  of the best ones. I peeled them and put them in the fridge until I could find the time to make my cakes. Today I made the time.  I grinned 12 cups in my food processor, enough to make four carrot cakes. We'll eat one now,  I'll give one to my daughter and the other two are in the freezer.

I made Chili for supper since it was cold and we had each a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing for desert. I took a sliver and the hired hand took the other piece. My husband still hadn't taken his when the photo was taken.  

I still haven't found the time to carve my little pumpkin but I have an evil looking plastic one as a stand by.                                         HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.     JB

Friday, October 29, 2010


Today has been rather busy and the hired hand came back to work this afternoon so I made a seafood chowder for supper and baked some Pillsbury Apple turnover for desert. I just wasn't feeling all that chirpy today and thought that it would be a change. I usually bake from scratch.
I had no idea what I would write about and maybe under such circumstances I shouldn't blog . I'm feeling myself to be a bit boring  at times.

I just finished answering my emails and checking blogs after working on three months of  HST                   ( Harmonized Sales Tax) for the farm. There are so many transactions that happens in the course of three months and we pay 13% sales tax on everything we buy for the farm and then we get a rebate back from the government after we file the tax claim.  It's a tedious job that I really don't like but have to do, just like the Pay Roll deductions from the employees that we have to remit to the Government for the 15th of each months. If we're late they penalize us. Thank goodness for on-line filing and banking.

Today I went to get my flu shot, picked up some calf feed, gas up the car and did some banking and paid for my two widows. Of course it was more expensive than I thought it would be.  But at least I'm still appreciating the life giving light that comes through those widows.

I'm hoping that everyone stay safe from the flu. Kim from Millie's Mat is down with it and my thoughts are with her, her auntie and mom.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


This afternoon, it was so warm outside, I had to roll down the windows in the car for fresh air. I had a few errands to do down town and on my way home stopped by the Co-op to buy a few necessities and I saw some big pumpkins for my daughter's kids. Every year they get small pumpkins because they don't have much space at their house to have big one around. But the Co-op only had a limited amount of pumpkins on special and they were all large. I bought them any way.

They can come carve them here if they wish because I have a large house with plenty of elbow room to carve to their hearts content. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If they don't want to carve these big pumpkins, then I'll carve them myself. In any case it should be fun.

Maybe my daughter has already bought them some and they are already carved. Who knows.  They were only $2.99 each.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today marks my 86 blogging days since I started on August 2nd, 2010.  I"m  happy to welcome Cheri from Back to Larkside  as my my 25th follower.  My husband laughs at me and said that it sounds like I have a cult. Lol.

You can check out her blog called Back to Larkrise

Now for a quick update on my Childhood Memories rug.  To refresh your memory of my design, not knowing how it would all come together. I have found that hooking the different the scenes so it tells a story  but still mesh into the whole picture a bit of a challenge but so far it is working OK.

As a kid, skating on small ponds was enjoyable even though my second hand pair of skates didn't fit properly, it kept me going around and backward and sometimes I would twirl and pretended  that I was Barbara Ann Scott, the famous figure skater.

We had and old dog that pulled the sleigh up the field to the tree line and when it was time to turn back, he would race all the way home and we thought that it was so funny.

Sliding  down the hills in an old toboggan was another of our winter pastime. It seems that we were always outdoors in the wintertime.

Thanks for visiting  and leaving a comment.  JB

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've been here at the calculator calculating the HST for the farm for the months of July, August and September  using the factor of 13% .8849557 x the total cost to get the HST and so far I am only half done and I'm calling quit for tonight and turning to looking at photos of mom and dad instead.

I was searching for a specific photo of my Mom and Dad when they were young married, but couldn't find it on my computer. I've sent a note to my sister for help. She's the guardian of the family photos and keep all the family addresses and contacts etc up to date. Everyone should have at least someone in their family to do this job. And since our family is so large, someone should pay her to do this job, really.

While searching for the photo in question I came upon these photos so since I don't want to be up all night, I'll just post them here to share with my friends. My Mom and Dad at the nursing home celebrating Christmas

My dad having a good day at the nursing home with my mom by his side.
My dad before he slipped into a coma and my mom at his side at the hospital.

My mom  feeling a bit warm and flashing in the small kitchen in the Palliative care unit at the hospital. That's about how my mom was most of the time, never down. She was so genuine, you can see it in her eyes. 

My dad in a coma and mom always by his side wishing there something she could do to help him.

My mom at 16 and Dad at 20 and very much in love. 
Thanks for putting up with me but I wanted to add these photo on my blog for my family.

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.   JB

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sometimes I hear people say that they have so much family relationship  problems yet it's something that has so far eluded me with my own personal family. We were a very large family when I was growing up and we only had the basic necessities but there was always plenty of love to go around. Helping around the house was a matter of fact and taking care of the younger ones kind of just happened without being told. That how it was with our large family.

As you can see in my Childhood Memories rug, I have many happy memories, even too many to put in a only one rug.  My family is still very important to me  and always will be. They were rallying behind me when I was very sick with breast cancer  in 2002-2003 and help me greatly.

 My family is spread from one end of Canada to the other but at my dad's funeral in October, 2008 everyone was there.  My dad was in a nursing home as my mom was too sick to care for him and this was the greatest cross she had to bear. He had severe pains and by the time they called the ambulance he was suffering of septic shock and died five days later on October 8, 2008 in the hospital.
My youngest sister having some time to say her goodbyes shortly before my dad passed away. Also my mom and brother by his side.
My mom in hospital waiting for her operation, knowing that her time on earth was coming to an end soon but still her cheery self. Her faith was so strong.
This is my family of brothers and sisters and mom in the wheel chair in the center at dad's funerals. 
As it is a rare occasion that everyone can get  together,  we posed for a family photo and my mom is in the middle. She was allowed out of the hospital for the funeral and her surgery was postponed for the following week. She was operated for  advanced stomach cancer the following week with no prospect of getting better but to save her from excruciating pain for a while.

Almost 10 months later on July 29, 2009 she too passed away in the hospital with her whole family at her side,  all 17 of us. We sang her favorite songs and prayed together and we also celebrated her life and we really felt  the presence of Jesus in the room with us. There was a serene peace and we were all sad to see her go but at the same time we were all at peace with her leaving us. She had done her duty as the best mom  we could ever ask for and she was blessed to have her very large family at her side, just like my dad. They both had  hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone in need. My mom would say that there is always room for one more. She did sacrificed an awful lot for her kids.

Some of my brother by mom's  side. Notice the throw on her bed made up from the previous family photo taken  ten months earlier.  She was so proud of her large family.

When mom passed away it was raining and overcast and on our way home from the hospital my sister and I were in awe of the beautiful opening in the clouds but couldn't stop to take a photo because of heavy traffic until we could safely stop at a cross road to take what was left of the spectacle. It almost felt like the heavens had opened up to welcome mom home.  This photo doesn't show the silver lining around the clouds like we saw.
One story told at dad's eulogy was this. One day when he was working and a fellow worker had gotten his socks wet and was suffering of cold feet. My dad was the only one in the group who took off his boots and removed a pair of his own socks and gave them to this man who was suffering from the cold. My dad was a gentle soul and always had time to talk to young and old alike and everyone loved him for that. My mom worked in a nursing home for years after she raise her family until she hurt her back moving some patients in bed. Then the doctor told her that she couldn't work any more. She still volunteered at the nursing home for years.
Mother and daughter about a year before she passed away.

My mother and me about a year before she passed away. She was sick then but at a young 82  she was still active in the community.
When I was growing up, I could see that we were missing on a lot of things that the other kids took for granted, like piano lessons, typing lessons, nice clothes, etc.  As I grew older and wiser I realized that my mom and dad never had any of those things either. But at their death they had a beautiful but modest house and a bit of money put away, had made their own funeral arrangements and everyone of their children got a surprise inheritance.  JB

Sunday, October 24, 2010


When my older daughter was old enough to have her first paying part-time job at a craft store while attending High School, she bought a very beautiful puzzle for her sister who was two years younger than her. It was a rather pricey Christmas gift but she got a discount on it. The puzzle was 39 inches x 62 inches.
It's from a painting of Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare but I haven't been able to find out who the painter was.

There is a glare from the camera flash but you get the idea.

My daughter tried to work on it but soon got discouraged or maybe the interest soon waned away to make room for boy interest. Who knows. I tried to help sort the pieces by color and put them in low boxes but it was taking so long to find a piece that soon everyone gave up.

The puzzle just was getting nowhere and fearing that the dog would soon chew some pieces, I gathered the pieces and brought them into my bedroom and kept the door shut. Since I have a rather large bedroom I got my husband to put a sheet of plywood on top of four chairs and I  started to assemble the border. To show my kids that with patience and perseverance, you can achieve what seems impossible, I worked on it every day and every time I put a piece in I would make a mark and when I had five in I made the diagonal line across just to encourage my progress. I worked on it for a whole winter and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I always thought that surely there were some pieces missing since the puzzle was where the dog could have easily destroyed pieces that might have fallen on the floor by accident. But luckily there were non-missing. I had more free time then.

Soon it became a Christmas boxing day tradition that the whole family even the grandkids enjoyed. Years later the tradition still exists and the girls still get around the table even into the wee hours until the puzzle is finished while having glasses of wine and chatting.
Now this beautiful puzzle is hanging in our home office and I still love to look at it and remember that perseverance and patience are some of my God-given gifts for which I'm very thankful.  JB.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Time is slipping through my fingers at a break neck speed. It's like being on a merry go round that just won't stop to let me get off. I can't believe how quickly time is melting away. Already one week left before were in November.

I was out today to work in the yard and my fingers were getting so cold that I had to come in to warm up. I have a condition called Renault syndrome, where the fingers hurt really bad like frost bite when it cold. They are very sensitive to the least bit of cold. The sky has been sunny and cloudy and the air humid and it has been windy all day. I sure like the stove heat when I came in to get warm.

I managed to take a few photos in the backyard and discovered a huge hornet nest in my maple tree by the deck. I took a few shots and had to set the camera on sport setting because there was so much movements of the leaves and the hornet nest moving in the wind.   Notice the two old abandoned silos in the background.  They are set to be demolished sometime in the future.  Those silos are used as land marks by airplanes as we live only minutes from the airport.

An underside view of the huge hornet nest. This is the first time I took a sport shot and I love this feature on my camera.
 This afternoon while the sun was out I did a bit of hooking and a bit of ripping  and then had to go to the airport to pick up my sister in law who was coming in from Toronto and her flight was delayed so when it finally arrived just had time to make it home to change into my barn clothes and get to work.  I wonder what it feels like to have a whole day off from work unless I'm sick in bed. I know... I'm complaining again... Stay safe during the weekend.  JB

Friday, October 22, 2010


I really had nothing to blog about this evening as I'm a bit tired and didn't go out with my cameras but I did get out to work and do some grocery.
I'm still having coughing spells and nose blowing but feeling much better today. It's getting dark so fast now and when I get home and have to prepare the evening meal there is no time to take photos outside.

I thought that I would share the pumpkin carvings that my four grand kids did last year. I think that they did a great job. Have a safe weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.  JB

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Even though I've been in my PJs all day and slept in most of the morning, from after breakfast to 11:10 am. The  windows are both in and only need another coat of paint on the trim and also need to be washed. I couldn't put back the pictures on the nails already there as they are not centered anymore.

Now I'll be able to hook in my Lazy-Boy chair as there is sufficient light to work by even on an overcast day. For this I'm so thankful. I also worked a bit on my Childhood Memories rug. I hadn't touched it for three days since my nose was so runny and stuffed up.

For some reason the burgundy ribbon looks black. I think that I was too far from the rug when I took the photo. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.  JB

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

 I'm feeling a wee bit better thanks to the good care I received from my husband. He made me stay in bed all day and did all my barn chores for me. He knew what to do since he  helped me yesterday morning because I was so sick with a head and chest cold.

I had chills today even though I cranked the heat up and had to wear a wool tuque to bed and had two very warm Magic bags in bed to try to keep warm. My husband wanted to take a photo of me wearing the tuque but on second thought maybe I looked so bad he decided against it, I don't know. I think he knows better than that. lol...

Remember the great Hubbard squash harvest a little while back?
My husband had sent two squashes to Ontario to my daughter Christine via some close friends and she just got around to process one this weekend and she gave the other to a friend.
This one is only 28 pounds. My husband gave one to the milk tester and it was 52 pounds. There are hardly any fibers and seeds inside. Maybe only half a pound.

This is 11 pounds of squash.

This is part of a roasted squash 

Spicy roasted squash soup.

Squash ground pork casserole

              Squash chocolate chips cookies from Mennonite Girls can Cook blog.

                                                           Squash pies

Squash puree

Squash soup

Squash spice loaves
A lot of the goodies went in the freezer. And now she has placed her order for another squash next fall for her and friends,  I just wanted to share this with you and now I'm all worn out again and I'm returning to bed  for more rest.   Keep well everyone and thanks for stopping by.  JB