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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yes my pot is sexy and I know it....  For years I've cooked spaghetti in my dutch oven. I used a strainer to drain the water but when my daughter Christine came to visit from Ottawa, she brought me a gift. This beautiful Paderno spaghetti pot she thought that I should have. Thanks you Christine. I love  my new spaghetti pot. It's perfect.

There's my new pot with the cover on to bring the water to a roaring boil.

I love the glass cover and the fact that the pot has litre marks inside the pot.

We LOVE garlic at our house and I always add a handful of garlic cloves in the last 5 minutes of boiling. I just mix it with the spaghetti and those who don't eat garlic can just leave them. It does not add the taste of garlic to the spaghetti and you can't even smell garlic in the kitchen. You get the full benefit of the garlic. I do the same with mashed potatoes, only I mash them in the potatoes after they are cooked. You can hardly taste the garlic and get the full benefit and they are so good for you. I love garlicky dishes too

Here is my wholewheat spaghetti with some of the garlic showing and a bit of extra virgin olive oil so it doesn't stick...

My husband like his spaghetti like this with Old Cheddar on top before adding the hot spaghetti sauce.

I let them add their own parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes.  We are very informal at my house.

Here is my husband and one of the young hired hand happily eating hot spaghetti for lunch. Unfortunately my son Vaughan was late from the field and missed the photo. He had his share too.

Two posts this week, I must have gotten my MOJO back.

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