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Sunday, February 12, 2023


This video is 10:34 long. Sorry about the ads.

I've been watching some Youtube videos for entertainment in the evening lately instead of working on whipping and binding my rug as I should have. I watched youtube videos of magnet fishing which was sort of interesting but then I came upon Compulsive Hoarding videos which came into my feed. 

I got fascinated with finding out what makes well-educated people from all walks of life become so bogged down in their possessions that they no longer can function properly. Some people live like that for many years unable to help themselves. 

I thought that I would share one such video with you since I can't think of anything else to share on my blog at the moment.  I've been wanting to share this topic but hesitated. For better or worst, here it is.

A lot of compulsive hoarders, start hoarding to fill the void in their lives after some terrible tragedies that happened to them. They fill their houses to the max until they have no place to cook, sleep or go to the bathroom. They live in total squalor. It's hard to believe, but according to the statistics,  there are 19 million compulsive hoarders in America. Many other affluent countries also have hoarders too, to name a few, UK, Canada, Japan, Russia Australia...

Some are compulsive shoppers and end up in the same predicaments. They spend all their money filling their home with their purchases until they are heavily in debt but still they can't stop buying on credit. Some even steal to fill their need to hoard.

Compulsive hoarding is a physiological disorder. It's a very sad situation and they need help.

Since I've watched quite a few of these videos, I no longer can stand unwashed dishes in the sink. lol...
which isn't a bad thing.

Now I think it's time to stop watching Youtube videos and whip and bind my rug. I'll leave the Youtube videos to you,  for now. lol...

I look forward to your comments.
Hugs, Julia