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Friday, November 12, 2021


 As I'm getting older, if I didn't have a To-Do List, I'd get nothing done. 

I could no longer ignore my upright freezer.  It needed defrosting badly as the ice has been building up and reducing the efficiency of the freezer.   I put everything in a big box and covered it with heavy blankets and throws and everything stayed frozen while I placed pots of hot water on the shelves to speed defrosting. 

I've been wanting to do this but kept putting it off, but I couldn't ignore it any longer as the ice was really taking up a lot of room. I really regret buying that freezer because frozen packages often slide off the shelves and things get mixed up pretty quickly, especially when I'm in a hurry. So now, I've put frozen food in plastic gallon ice cream containers and labeled them so I can see at a glance what veggies I have and nothing is sliding off the shelves anymore. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of this new system but I like it a lot better.

The cardboard box holds the cold in and frozen food stays frozen longer with all the layers of blankets.

Another thing that I finally got done today, is mulching my daylily debris. It took me all afternoon with a little break in the middle.  Now I'm left with cleaning up the gazebo area, where I did the work. I'm always mindful of any debris falling on the carburetor as it could potentially cause a fire. I got 9 bags of mulch which I plan on using in the spring.

I've been getting a design ready for my new rug,  and when things slow down, I'll dye some wool so that I have something to work on when the snow flies. Sorry, I said that "s" word... but I'm still in yard work mode. 

The photo doesn't show all 10 bags of mulch, but that is how many I got from only the large bed. It was nice yesterday and I got a lot more done so I'll have less to do in the spring.

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