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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, October 16, 2022


 Thanksgiving came and went and I'm very thankful for all my blessings. On Sunday I cooked a small turkey and mashed potatoes, squash, broccoli, and gravy, pickles of course, and made two lemon pies. I usually prepare everything early in advance but somehow, I didn't this time. I had to split the turkey in half and all the food in two to be shared with my grandaughter's family of 5 and I delivered it to them. Unbeknown to me, my granddaughter wasn't feeling well enough to prepare her turkey dinner and she was pleased to receive the dinner already cooked. I didn't make the dressing but gave her a box of StoveTop as I had forgotten to buy celery to make the dressing. My son Vaughan joined George and me and we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner without the dressing, (my favorite part)lol... Of course, I got too busy enjoying dinner to take any pictures.

We've had lovely weather and I took advantage to clean a large overgrown weedy daylily flower bed. It took me over three afternoons to get it cleaned. The sun was low so the photo is of poor quality.

On October 3rd.  We had our first frost. You can see where the sun hit, it melted the frost. 

 Luckily, I cut a large bouquet from my two Hydrangea bushes that grow on the front lawn before the frost hit. Now,  I can enjoy them all winter when the snow flies. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the bouquet but it's huge and I put it in front of the fireplace.

On Tuesday the 4th, I went apple picking with a friend at Everett Apple Orchard in Islandview,  the same place I went last fall, and picked 40 pounds of apples to be divided between my granddaughter, my son, and us. Two days later, I got a call from my friend to tell me that she had tested positive for Covid. It will be two weeks on Tuesday since I was exposed to her but I'm still symptom-free and tested negative. Hopefully, I'll stay symptom-free.  

My daughter Jackie teaches weaving in the textile department at the New Brunswick College of Crafts and Designs, and since we had an abundance of squash, she took a trunkful of squash to share with students. Here is the student's thank you card. Getting a thank you card was extra special.

A few of my followers were interested in seeing the bottles of jam, pickles, vegetables, and meat that I preserved. This is what I have left after selling 5 cases of pickles and one case plus 3 bottles of jam at the Farmer's Market and giving some to family members and friends and we ate some of course. I don't know exactly how many bottles I made in all but it was around, or over 300 bottles. 

Carrots and pork and some jam.

Carrots and pork ( same as previous picture)

Here I have Lady Ashburnham, beans, preserved beets, beet pickles, green beans.

Lots of large jars of Dill pickles, bread and Butter pickles

Corn kernels from my garden and Million Dollar relish. I would have preserved more corn but the electric fence switch was left open during the night and the raccoons devastated my second harvest. Hopefully, it will not happen next year. 

This is a poor picture from the end of one shelf. It wasn't easy to take good pictures of all the bottles on the shelves but at least, you get an idea as the shelf is full on both sides.   I also filled a brand new 7-square-foot freezer full to the brim with veggies the rest in my other freezers. There is an overabundance of potatoes, squash, and twice the amount of sweet potatoes that I harvested last year. No pictures.

Then I bought more bottles while they were on special for next year as they are very expensive.  They will come in handy if we are still alive next summer. I still have a lot of small and large jars not shown.

This is my Sundrop and red daylily bed after I removed the tall debris. I still need to sweep the brick border. The small green plants are next year's Sundrops.  I'm still in the process of putting my gardens to bed for the winter. I'm slow at getting them cleaned as I have so many of them all over the yard and only work when it's warm in the afternoon. 

I cleaned this bed yesterday and weeded around one of my Hydrangea between raindrops... I now have 8  and 1/2 flowerbeds cleaned with more to do and also my vegetable garden. I'll spare you any more garden pictures.

George and my son Vaughan put a new metal roof over my sunroom so no more leaks in my ceiling. Yay!  Now if I can get my ceiling fixed.

I'm booked for a Rug hook-in in St Andrews New Brunswick in November. There is only room for 35 rug hookers. I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It always feels good when you leave a kind comment.