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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I thought that I might have time to finish cleaning three flower beds today but did not quite made it. It was really cold this morning but it warmed up after lunch. I had errands to run and went to work as soon as I got back home but still, I didn't had enough time to finish my job. Now it's raining and we'll be  getting between 65 to 80 mm of rain between now and saturday. That's close to three inches or over.  Sorry, I didn't take any photos because my camera is kind of bulky to carry around when I work. I filled my four large wire compost bins in the back of the hedge  with debris and still have lot more to pull from the remaining beds.

I may not get it all done before the snow comes but at least I have a great head start for spring.

This is a bed of Sundrop to brighten the yard by the deck. The phlox are not yet in bloom.

Another large bed of Sundrop and in the center are assorted day-lilies. When the Sundrops are finished blooming I cut them down about half way and the day-lilies have a chance to spread their leaves. These yellow flowers lights up my backyard even on cloudy days and are long lasting.

One of my tiny free standing bed of Peonies. The tree in the back had to be cut down last fall.

Sadly this tree had to be cut down because of heavy damage. My hubby with the chain saw.

Just another shot of my husband posing with his saw after he fell the tree.
A shot of my vegetable garden in early spring last year.

Tulips in early spring around my big pet rock
Another small bed at the end of my vegetable garden.