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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Life has been good but busy. My daughter Christine, her hubby Joe, James and Daniel all made it back home to Ottawa on Saturday morning, Aug 31th. Both James and Daniel were extra good travellers for a long long car trip.  The house seemed so empty after they left. They were here since August 6th. They are coming back for Christmas.

James kept himself busy with watching videos and playing the Goo Ball game on the smart phone and decorating himself with Cars stickers.

He removed his shoes and used his toes to get his pair of sunglasses from the seat pocket and placed them on himself. He looks pretty cool with his upside down glasses on. 

On Saturday I worked all day at the farm  with my son Vaughan, and George and one of the part time hired hand.

Vaughan  cleaned out the calf bedding and scrubbed the pens while I scrubbed the gates and washed the floor. My husband and the hired hand cleaned out the old bedding in the back of the barn and separated the older heifers, moved 8 of my older heifers that were about 300 pounds out in the back after cleaning the area and putting some fresh bedding. They will be ready to breed.

Then the small calves were moved into the empty large pen and the smaller one moved in their place. Now I had room for all my new calves.
I got 4 new calves in 2 weeks or is it five. It's always such a juggling act moving calves of different stages.

The four kittens and their mother are still around and are eating a lot. The kittens are destroying my tiger lillies. There are no blooms on them so it doesn't matter but they are so funny to watch, fighting with the stems till they break. First they ripped up all the leaves off. The little black ones were so scared of me at first while the two fluffy white and black one were braver. Now they don't hide every time I come out to feed them. I promise some pictures soon.

Yesterday I house cleaned all day, vacuumed, changed the beds and did loads and loads of laundry and made a big pot of chicken vegetable soup I even knitted a bit on my pink scarf until I started to drop a few stitches.

Today I worked at the farm for most of the day again  except for a few breaks. I cleaned in the milking house, shining the milk tank and cleaning in general. So much more to do. My lawn is so long again but it rained so hard all night and part of yesterday. It needs drying to mow.

I seem to be getting lots of energy to burn this week but I'm pooped by nightfall.

Last week I got the results of my 8 blood tests for my 10 year cancer checkup and The doctor was ecstatic at my results. I passed with flying colors. Everything is right smack in the middle where it should be. 100% on all 8 blood tests. No high cholesterol or high blood pressure etc, etc and even all signs of my diabetes is gone.  I changed my eating habits by eliminating anything with soy or soy by-products by reading food labels and cooking from scratch. It eliminate a lot of prepared food that we buy at the grocery store and in doing so, I eliminate a lot of preservative and chemicals.

So sorry again that my blog post is so long but they have been far in between and I had lots to share.

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