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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


An update on the little Royalty.... This week I've been worried about Victoria as she has stopped pooping although she was still eating well and sleeping well and even purred a lot. I imagined that she must have been a bit uncomfortable so Wednesday morning I made an appointment with the animal hospital just up the road for 2:40 PM.

The vet examined her and he had an animal paediatrician examining her too and they kept her a little while, about 10 minutes, to try to make her poop but nothing was happening. This was the 6th day that she had no bowel movement. They told me to keep doing what I was doing and feed her at least every 2 to 3 hours and they charged me $83.51 dollars to continue doing what I was doing.....    Friggin highway robbery... No wonder people don't want to bring their animals to the vet.

Well today was day 7 and her little belly was getting bigger and she wasn't as active so I put some Canola oil up her butts before I fed her and she ate well and then I put her in a low cardboard box with a cloth on the bottom to see if she would poop. She looks like she was going to do it, but nothing... She was  meowing and wanted to be picked up.

This is where Victoria sleeps. I keep a heated Magic Bag between folded old towels and put a clean cloth on top every time I put her back to bed. I cover her and she starts to purr. The throws keep the heat in the box for a long time.

I picked her up and carried her upstair and put her in her warm bed then I noticed a smear on the cloth I was holding her in to carry her upstairs,  and also on my top. It smelled like #1 and I checked her bed and it was clean.

Then I saw it on the bedroom floor, a fair size gold nugget. I was ecstatic but flushed it down the toilet. Hooray for the Canola oil trick. As I returned to the kitchen to clean her bottle I found another nugget on the kitchen floor. Then I remembered the old fart rymn. Here I sit broken hearted, spent a dime and only farted, yesterday I saved a dime and s... in my pants. Only it was $83.51... lol

She was sleeping on top of her covers and I woke her up for feeding before going to the barn

In for a closer look.  She started to wake up with the camera flash.

Victoria is still half asleep and and needs her eyes washed with warm water.  Doesn't she still looks Her eyes are still not bright.

This evening  she moved her ears  in response to noises  so she's about two weeks old and recognized her bottle and reached for it with her little front paws impatiently. I know that she is already spoiled.

Thanks for dropping by. I've had a difficult time to make my rounds of blogs  as Victoria takes a lot of my time but I get there sooner or later.  I enjoy receiving your comments.   JB

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 I thought that I would try to be on time to visit and chat at Patrice from Everyday Ruralty since I'm inside. I hope that it's not raining over there but since she has a porch then it doesn't really matter as long as the coffee is hot. So why don't you hop along with me to her blog.

Patrice's questions for today are:

1.   Do you have any musical instruments in your house, if so which ones do you have?
      I have a violin and a piano and I don't play either.

2.   When you take a walk, what are you likely to pick  or pick up from the ground?
       I usually pick up nice rocks, I used to pick up heart rocks but I gave them away to my granddaughter.

3.  They say to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I guess that means you have fuel for your body to get you through the day and don't have a full tummy when you go to bed. Are your meals like that?
Yes, pretty much but sometimes I get side tracked. Usually I eat a big bowl of high fibre cereal with milk , no sugar, some nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and raisins and coffee. I like a variety of food and it would take too long to name them here but I try to stick with less starchy food for the last meal of the day with a nice salad with meat.  If I eat starchy food like pasta or potatoes or bread, I eat that at noon.I'll admit that I sometimes cheat because of being too tired and lack of planning. Planning would be most helpful for me.

4. Do you prefer iced coffee or ice tea?

    I prefer ice tea with no sugar but lots of lemon juice.

5.  How do you handle things you'd rather not do?
    I sometimes procrastinate and other time I'll tackle it head on, depending on my mood. Sometimes I put one foot in front of the other and go on autopilot and get the job out of the way and done with.

Thanks for visiting with me.  I love your comments.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Thanks for all your sweet comment on my little Victoria.

She got me wrapped around her tiny finger, well  OK... toe, and I think that if she could ring a bell for service, she would. She doesn't need a bell however as she is well able to make herself heard when she wants room service. You'd never know that she comes from such humble beginnings as being born in a barn. lol....

She sleeps in a box with old towels and a Magic bag for heat, on my bed.  The box is wrapped up with some thick throws to keep the heat in the box. She loves her accomodations.

I had to change to a higher box as she climbed out from the box onto the bed then she came down on the wicker table at the foot of my bed and climbed on a pair of clean pyjamas bottoms and pooped on them, the nerves of her.

Since some of you wanted some pictures, here's some pictures of Victoria.

Haley is trying to feed Victoria but she's not cooperating.


Haley is a young girl who wants to become a large animal vet and come to volunteer some hours at our farm.. She still was biting the syringe.

Taking pictures of Victoria is quite a chore as she kept walking away and didn't want to have her picture taken.

She doing push up to strengthen her scrawny legs.

She hates push up and get defiant.

She want to go in her warm bed in a box. She thinks that crying is the way to get whats she wants.

Still crying in the corner, trying to look as pathetic as she can.

She's sticking her tongue at me in defiance.

Now she pouting, looking more like a possum that a kitten.

I'm trying to get her to look at the camera but she not really interested.

She keeping meowing

Doesn't she looks so pathetic?  Aww poor little thing, I shouldn't make fun of her. She's tired and wants to go to sleep. She' s just a baby.

You can tell she's been crying. I took her to bed and she started to purr and knead her little feet on her bedding.

She still hates to drink from the little nipple and bottle I got her but she love the 5cc syringe.  She now drinks about 7 to 8 cc and I tried the 10 cc syringe but the milk comes out too fast for her and she seems not to want to suck on it so I had to go back to 5cc syringe and  to put more milk in it until she has had enough.
She grabs the syringe in her tiny paws and she sucks quite hard and you can hear the milk gurgling down her tummy.

When she's done she wants a gentle kitty message on her back and she purrs then she wants to get in her warm box to knead the warm towel and purr loudly.

She peed on her own for the first time tonight. I think that this is more than enough publicity on Victoria.

I'm having a hard time getting enough sleep as Victoria wakes me during the night for feeding just like a baby and I'm so tired. So I'm off to bed as she will soon wake me up just when I fall asleep.

I appreciate your visit very much and I look forward to reading your comments. Have a great week.  JB

Friday, May 25, 2012


I've been getting behind in my comments on my favorite blogs and I've been trying hard to play catch up.
I'm only three days late for visiting Patrice of Everyday Ruralty and I think that everyone has gone home  by now.

Would you come along with me so I don't looks so stupid being all by myself. I doubt that she will want to come out on the porch while the June bugs are flying around, but I'm knocking at her door as I see the light inside. Maybe she'll  invite me in...

Here were her questions for this week.

1. What are you doing for memorial Weekend?
    Work We had a long weekend last week and it was Victoria Day Weekend in honour of Queen          Victoria.

2.  What is the last old movie you saw?
    It's been so long I can't remember but I watched some Carol Burnette DVD movies on my computer.

3.   What colors are the walls of your living room?
    A pale sage green .

4.   What's your favorite food to cook on the grill?
    Steak and sweet potatoes. I love any kind of food on the grill.
5.   What's your favorite animal?
      Right now it a tiny abandoned kitty that I'm caring for called Victoria. She is doing fantastic and love to be fed and love to be put in a heated bed after feeding and she purrs and knead her little front paws in delight. She quiet right down as soon as she feels a little heat through her blankets and goes to sleep.

I hope that you've enjoyed stopping by for a quick visit and left me a comment.    Have a safe Memorial weekend to my American friends.  JB

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday started off as usual, I dragged myself out of bed and walking in the backyard, I see the lawn with dandelions that should have been cut, thinking, I'll do it before lunch.

As I got to the calf barn, I heard a tiny kitten meowing loudly but I couldn't see it. I got the flashlight to see if I could find out where the kitten was. After several minutes of searching I found it in a dark filthy spot of rubbish near the silos. How it got there I'll never know.

 I used a paper towel to pick it up so as to not leave my scent on it and brought it inside the barn and put it in the cat cardboard box that I have with hay in the bottom and covered it with  clean towels to try to conserve it's heat. The other small kitten are always climbing in it for a nap.  The door was left open so if the mother was around she would hear it cry.

I went about my work and some cats came in but were afraid of the little kitten  and quickly scooted away.

When I finished feeding and bedding my animals I took the wee stranger home and put it in a box with a warm Magic Bag that I heated in the microwave  and lots of warm towels as it was still  cold. I called the near by vet hospital for some milk replacer for the kitten. They only had canned milk around $8.00 a can and it had to be used up in 72 hours. I was looking for powdered milk replacer as there's no way this tiny kitten would be able to consume that in 72 hours.

I called Pets Unlimited and they had milk replacer for kittens but it meant a trip up town. Since I already had several errands to run across town I did what I needed to do and  $20.00 lighter I came home with a tiny bottle and nipples and the powdered milk. I tried to poke a hole in the tiny nipple but the top was a bit thick and the milk wasn't coming  through. The kitten was screaming blue murder. So back to the barn to get a small syringe. I cut the screw part off on the end and mixed up a tiny batch of milk and the frantic kitten drank 2.5 cc of warm  milk. I put it back in the warm box and it quickly fell asleep.
The process was repeated every several hours when it would wake up crying.

Her eyes were still shut when I found her. After washing them with warm water, she opened them.

She quickly fell fast asleep after feeding.

New born kitten can't pee on their own so I used a tissue to gently wipe hers genital to make it pee. and found out it was a girl and since we had a long weekend on account of Queen Victoria on Monday, I called her Victoria.

She woke up twice during the night for feeding and had a little hard poop. I of course didn't get a good night sleep and was so tired this morning and was half an hour late for work because I had to see to her Majesty's needs. She survived the night and is still with us as I type.

My grandkids came for a visit and I'll share that on another post.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and thanks for leaving your comments. I appreciate them so much.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Wow, today is a stellar day with sunshine and blue skies and lots of mosquitoes and bumblebees.  The flowering crab in in full bloom and the birds are happily singing.

I'v been hooking on my rug and didn't had the right shade of mottled green so what's a hooker to do?
I married some green worms.  You don't even need a licence to do this.

 For those who have no idea what marrying wool worms is, let me briefly explain. You put  leftover presoaked  wool strips of assorted shades or color together and process them in a simmering bath of water and  add vinegar to set the color in and simmer some more and let cool until all the colored water is absorbed in the wool. Rinse and dry and it's ready to use.

 My married wool worms drying on a hanger. The colors are a bit brighter in person.

I didn't take a photo of the married wool worms after I hooked them but I'll try to show you in another post. I'm rushing to get to the farm chores.

I triedMaggie's Peach cobbler's recipe and had a taste just now and it's a recipe that Ill make again for sure, it's that good.  I didn't had blackberries but I used can peaces that I cut up. I sprinkles a tiny bit of the sugar on top. It didn't needed any as it was sweet enough.  Thanks Maggie of Grandma Yellow Hair.    JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME blog.

Have a safe weekend. JB

Saturday, May 12, 2012


What do you know, two posts in two days. I'm on a roll.....
Today started  very well.  I was on time for work and I had my day all planned. I was to pick up rhubarbs on my way back to the house to make a Rhubarb with Custard and Meringue desert for lunch and potato scallops and some veggie and after lunch I would tidy up and clean my dirty fridge and hook on my Childhood Memories rug in the sunroom. It sounded like a real good plan to me. I was going to be good to myself.....

While at the barn,  I got a phone call from my daughter Jackie, asking me if I would drive my granddaughter to gymnastic around 11:10 am. across town and my grandson to work down town as she had a craft sale all day to tend to and her husband had the car and was out of town.

I normally drop everything to help but this time I didn't changed my plans. I felt very guilty but the timing was not the best for me and it was not an emergency. I had no left over in the fridge to feed the employees who come to work on Saturday.

When I got home I started preparing the desert right away as it is done in three steps,  while eating a bowl of  breakfast cereal and coffee standing up at the counter.

My sonVaughan's car battery was drained and had borrowed my car to go get his hair cut.

I made my base  and the rhubarb custard for the desert and needed to whip the meringue. It seemed to take longer to whip when all of a sudden one of the wires on my favourite whip broke sending the half- whipped meringue across the whole kitchen in every directions. What a mess. I had to burst out laughing.... And to think that I was using the same  Cuisineart whip last Sunday at the church in front of a full room of people. Can you imagine?.....

I got splattered real well and it was everywhere, inside the toaster, inside the stove burners and the stove top, on small appliances, everything  on the counter, under the top cupboard, on the rooster, the floor and cupboard doors across the room the fridge, on the fridge....

My granddaughter Jordyn arrived on the scene and took some photos of the mess and me. I had to go change my clothes to continue. As this wasn't enough , when I came back downstairs  I had company company at the front door...

My granddaughter wiped up the mess on the doors and the floor and had to go back home. Now my husband gave me the news that non of the other three people would be here for lunch today. Had I known, I could have driven my grandkids to where they needed to go.

It took me three hours to clean everything. What a big mess it was and sticky...

Here is the Rhubarb Custard and Meringue desert. It was real good. Too bad the three part time workers didn't shoed up for lunch.  But my grandson did.

Now I have a clean kitchen, sort of... All the cupboard doors need a good scrubbing which doesn't show on the pictures.

Sunshine Rooster is happy again after getting his feathers wiped, lol...

My husband hired my grandson Liam to mow the lawn this summer. About three hours of mowing each time at home and the farm. His first time riding this hard to control machine. I tried it before and don't like to drive it. He did a great job but it doesn't go in tight places so I need to touch up with the small push mower.

So much for my hooking on Childhood Memories.

My favourite son, Vaughan arrived to give me a Mother's Day gift of  beautiful Mums. Sorry, I didn't had the camera ready and missed taking his picture as he left right away.
How was your Saturday?
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers, step mothers, grandmother, mother in laws, mothers to be.       JB

Friday, May 11, 2012


This week I got some new photos of my grandson that I want to share with you. James got his new prosthesis this week and he's slowly getting use to wearing one of them.

James is having his first fitting for his prosthetics. Look at that happy little face.

He got his first spatula to help him get used to having something on the end of his arm.

He can use the little spatula on the end to hold small things.

He actually likes his spatula as he can hold on things with it.

He wears it to play

He still has some getting used to it

He wants to have it on now. He still can feel things with his stub.

The hand is not very functional but it's more to get him used to grabbing with it. the thumb is spring loaded to help him hold little toys.

So many new gadgets to get used to, poor little guy. He looks a little  tired or he's deep in thoughts.
He can not feel with the hand so he hits himself with it because he's not used to the new length.

They chose a Thomas fabric for his hand as he love his Thomas trains. The hand will probably feel sweaty in the summer,

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers. Have a safe weekend  everyone.    JB

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've been meaning to go for a visit on Patrice's porch of Everyday Ruralty but somehow there's something that comes up and I have to go elsewhere.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to link up with Patrice. I made the link this morning and my name is still on her page but I didn't carried it through. I wonder if it will link just the same. I'll find out.

Here are her questions for today.

1.  What does your everyday dished looks like?
      Plain white restaurant type dishes, assorted mugs.

2.  What shoes are you likely to throw on in a pinch right now? Go to shoes.

3.  What was the last gift you were given?
     I received these this afternoon from my daughter Christine

4.  What was the first face you saw this morning?
     My face in the mirror.

5.  What cup or mug you are most likely to grab for your tea or coffee? What's your "cuppa" cup?
      For coffee, I have a tall Christmas mug with the picture of a snowman on it, and tea is a smaller Dollar Store mug with the picture of a little finch on it.

I hate to do two post in one but what ta da heck?  I've got to stop this procrastination.

I had problems with my iMac having dozens of lines on the screen from burnt out pixels. I'm now using a small MacBook Pro with my little Microsoft wireless mouse and I love it. My other computer is getting slow and the laptop is so much faster.

This week I've been thinking of two of my lovely blogger friends who are going through some real rough time with chemo, some of you know them, Leontien and Donna. Please keep them in your prayers asking God for the grace of courage and strength to fight this awful disease, cancer.

I've got my iPhoto library finally upgraded and was having fun with the new technology. Just amazing what you can do with the photo library.

Let see what else has happened this past week. I've got three new heifer calves, that is very good. My injured older calf had to be put down because the extend of her injuries and I couldn't bear seeing her suffer, it's is always sad to loose an animal but a fact of life on the farm. I just had to pull up my big girl panties and make the decision to have her put down and burried. My husband had to do that dreadful task. It's not a pleasant job.

I purchased two more Rug hooking books to add to the other one I bought recently on

I  finished my UFO and discovered that it was a king size quilt . I've got it on the old bed in the spare bedroom.  It's much lower than the one in my own bedroom. The quilting has taken a lot of my spare time lately. It was a big project.

I made my own binding and sewed it on the back by machine and in the front by hand

I did a lot of baking and I worked cutting pies at the church supper on Sunday and my son covered for me at work in the afternoon.
I calculated three months of HST sales tax for the farm, did payroll Deductions and paid bills online, did some banking. I did some weeding in one flowerbed.

The fiddleheads are up but my back was so sore so I didn't go picking and today it was too wet to pick.

Now that my UFO has been classified I'm getting ready to resume hooking my Childhood Memories rug, whoo hooo......

Thanks for coming with me to Patrice's porch and visit with me.  I enjoy getting your comments.
Have a safe weekend, it's just around the corner.  JB