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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I was working in the office yesterday when I saw a flock of birds hoping around eating crabapples of my tree in the front yard. At first I thought they were juvenile cardinals but they did not look like the juveniles in my  bird book. I checked on the Titmouse but they didn't quite looked like those either. They have some bright yellow on the tip of their tails and some yellow and red on their wings as well as black and white. If you look carefully, you can see a little tuff on the top of the heads when their heads are up.

Sorry, the quality of the pictures is very poor. 

There was about 12 to 15 in my tree and I took the pictures through a dirty double pane window with my zoom lens. I wish I could have gone out to take clearer pictures but they were quite in a feeding frenzy so I let them be. They would have been camera shy anyway.

I sure hope you can identify what kind of birds they are.
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Time changes forward on Sunday and it's looking more and more like Spring is trying to poke holes in Old Man Winter to get him out of the way.  It's warming up.
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