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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We had a couple of warm afternoons this past week and I did a few hours of yard work at the farm cutting small bushes and trees around the foundation on the back side of the machine shed and cutting tall weeds and grass and it felt good to be in the fresh air. It was warm enough to take my jacket and fleece off for a while. I also did some raking and made big piles of branches and weeds and grass for my husband George to haul away with the big tractor.

It was coming close to the time to go feed my calves when my weed eater gave up. No sweat, I had a brand new one still in the box at the house. I had bought it on sale at Canadian Tire store a few weeks earlier just because it was on sale lol... and might come in handy. It did come in handy. My husband just arrived home at the same time I did and he put it together for me. I rushed back to cut a little bit more barnyard grass.

My job is not finished but I've got a good head start on it. It's more than I can say for my own yard and gardens. Everything is a total mess this Fall.

For lack of taking pictures lately, I'm using and older picture of a messy flower bed in front of my house. This picture was taken last Fall I think and it's pretty much what my flowerbeds look like right now.

Today I scrubbed the walls of the milking parlor and wash the floor and the gutters. Not much glamour there. There is still lots of cleaning to do in there but my shoulder can only do so much before it starts to hurt a little so I have to pace myself.

While I was still in the milking parlor my husband called me about a heifer trying to give birth with her butts against the wall. He brought her into the calving pen and I came to assist and together we pulled the bull calf out and I clear the mouth and the nostril. My son Vaughan arrived before  the calf had taken his first breath and he stuck a piece of hay in his nostril and he breathed. I dipped the navel and vaccinate him as standard procedure. My son milked the mother and fed the calf for me and helped me with my chores while George milked the cows. I was done early for a change this evening. That's was the second bull calf this week. One was born on Sunday and I sold two yesterday. My pens are still full and I still have four without pens.

It has been a rough kind of a week but we take it all in stride. That's what we do on the farm. It never seem to get boring somehow. Always some kind of excitement happening on almost a daily basis.

Today was just a normal day and I have some more good adventures to share that happened this past week but it would make my post too long so I'll share some more maybe tomorrow if I can find time to post.

Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your comments.