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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I once read in a House Plant book that Jade plants seldom bloom as a house plant. Last year I found one little bloom on one of my Jade plant and I was so excited. It doesn't take much to get me excited...
 It bloomed again this week and I almost missed  it. This time of year when I'm working mostly at the barn and in the yard, I neglect my house plants a lot and I forget to water them and the sun is beating down on them.
Look what I found when I went by it today. I think it's blooming because its stressed.  Some of the leaves are getting dehydrated and wrinkled. It almost looks like the same type of starry blooms that I have on my Hoya plant but not as waxy.

That bloom is almost finished

This little one is a fresh bloom and is at the bottom of the plant.

I placed a chair beside it just to show you the size it is.  I have a taller one but it doesn't have any blooms on it.  That thing is so pot bound, maybe it's begging to be repotted. If you look closely you can see a fading bloom in the centre and one little one at the bottom.  I just had to share my rare little blossoms with you. Anything to post on blogger.

Now my Hoya plant blooms twice a year like nobody's business but a few weeks ago I counted over 50 blossoms on it and I quit counting, hahaha. It a cutting from a cutting from a cutting  of my husband  grandmother so it goes way back. I took a cutting from the mother plant a few years ago as it was getting a bit straggly and look at it now.

This is a small section of it. It gets a lot of sun and when I repotted it I added a handful of that Miracle Grow fertilizer and mixed it in the soil in a large pot.
It emit an exotic perfume around 10:00 at night and I just love it. My house has a lot of open space so the perfume is not overpowering.

I've been weeding all afternoon but didn't take any photos.  My body is achy, especially my right shoulder.

Thanks for helping me celebrate those little blooms I almost missed and I hope that you enjoyed your little visit.  Thanks for stoping by. I so appreciate your comments.