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Wednesday, April 13, 2022


 To answer Inger's question,  I haven't been up to much, except practicing music for the Holy Week with our choir until my voice gave up, planting seeds, and taking care of seedlings, working in the office, doing housework. I've attended Zoom meetings and attended meetings with my church women group. I did some reverse hooking on my rug and rehooked the shoulder to make it more rounded but I'm still not liking how it looks. This post was started on  Sunday...

My Coleus seedlings started from seeds. I'm only showing a small sample. I have way too many.

A small sample of my blue Lobellias seedlings. The seeds are smaller than a grain of salt and I plant them in little bunches for ease of transplanting them.

I have a good assortment of peppers seedlings, and 16 plants in all.

Now my mind is turning to the outdoors and today I pulled a bunch of dandelions in my vegetable garden and I dug up some asparagus plants that were planted in one area temporarily and transplanted them in a permanent spot. I was surprised at how big the roots were.  I still have a few more to dig and transplant to their permanent place. I only took a photo of the crocuses. The bees were really excited.

I also planted a variety of tomato seeds.  No Photos... This was on Monday. 

Now here is the piece de resistance: Are you ready for this? I was invited to join a hooking group by Kimm Moore of Sheepunderfoot blog, a few weeks ago. My first time was last evening and it was really nice to meet blogger, Kimm in person, although we were all masked, I recognized her from the photo on her blog.  It was an enjoyable two hours and I did get a bit of hooking done. I'm looking forward to our next meeting on the 26th. This was on Tuesday...

I was going to work in the garden or yard today, Wednesday,  but my back was aching as so I rested.  I made a pan of spanakopita with an olive oil crust for supper. It's much quicker than wrapping individual spanokopita with phyllo pastry as I've done in the past. This was a recipe that I found in a Canadian magazine years ago and I've made it often in the past. It can be made like turnovers for individual servings but much quicker in a pan and just as good. 

So, that's what I've been up to this past week. I do what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it so.

I just got notified that my cousin, Sylvia, found her husband dead, at home when she arrived home after work yesterday. It looks like he died of a heart attack. My cousin is a florist. This is very sad, just before Easter.

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