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Friday, August 26, 2011


I thought that I would share my serendipity pumpkin picture with you. I haven't planted pumpkins seeds for years as they take way too much space in my garden and every year I  get a pumpkin or two at the store for Halloween. Last year I bought 5 or 6 and gave some away to my grand kids to carve and I kept one to decorate my front step. When I was done with it I threw it in the compost near the back of the deck. Would you look at how big it got....

I figure that when I emptied my compost some of the pumpkin seeds must have fell on the side or the squirrels might have planted them there. I know that some birds or animal planted small sunflowers seeds from my bird feeders into my daylilly flower bed this year so now I also have serendipity sunflowers.

Here is one small pumpkin and I can see others  growing under the foliage.

Another view from the upper deck. Even though I pruned lots of stems it's still sending some everywhere. I guess that perhaps, I will not need to spend any money for my pumpkins this year. And that's a good thing like Martha Stewart would say...

One of the smallest single sunflower that got chewed up by earwigs I presume.

Now I never saw such small sunflowers and the bee was small too.. These are about only 15 inches high. Isn't this a beauty?

This one was  matured and was being eaten by something.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. I hope that all my blogger friends and their love ones are ready for Irene and are keeping safe.  My prayers are with you.  JB