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Thursday, February 14, 2019


What a strange title you might say and you may be right but I'm not the only one who is burning her books. Here is my story. I don't expect you to agree with me but this post is to make you aware that so many like me have fallen in the New Age trap without realizing the dangers because it's disguised as something so good and it is so widespread.

I may not have any followers after this post but I feel that this is important enough to post anyway.

Besides heating the house, the wood stove is a great way to burn those New Age books on cold days.

 You can come to your own conclusion after you check out these truths. Satan has one goal in mind and it's to steal our souls and the souls of our children, grandchildren, and everyone. It's not surprising that marriage breakup and divorce rates are high and people are entering unions without the vows and the family breakup.  All that is not from God.  It's from the devil.
 He will use subtle deception to trick us in all in our weakness or interests and no one is spared, and we are not even aware because we think its good for us. Satan has no peace or real happiness to offer but only eternal damnation and torment,  that's the bottom line.

I have been a truth seeker for a long time as truth has always been of great importance to me. I'd rather look like a fool and take my punishment than to tell a lie.

I've always tried to help and encourage people when I can and support them in their struggles. It causes me pain to see people in need when I have so much and also to see people or animals suffer. I have my own struggles and I'm deeply flawed and I'm certainly far from being a saint, my husband will tell you... but I pray every day and ask Jesus for guidance and protection for myself and my love ones. By His grace, he pointed me in the right direction and it's like a veil of deception has been removed from my eyes and happiness, peace and hope has returned to my shriveled heart. I've been reading the Psalms in the Holy Bible and it has been a balm to my soul.

My interest in New Age started quite innocently enough when my husband and I were introduced to Healing Touch Therapy by a friend that my husband introduced me to and we were so impressed by the results that I even took the first level of Healing Touch Therapy Course but since the rest of the other levels of the course were offered in another city about 5 hours away and I would have had to travel by myself and pay for accommodation for the duration of the course so I put it off to later when I would be less busy.

In the first level of the course, I was introduced to the chakras, healing stones, the pendulum, auras, energy work, all done in love and caring, all of which seemed pretty amazing. I could hardly believe that I actually could move another person's energy and I could feel it in my hands. I was interested in taking the second level of Healing Touch Therapy and was given a very long list of New Age books to read for the next level so I acquired a library of New Age books over time but never took the course probably because I was so busy and was also intimidated to have to travel and stay away from home for this and the cost of it all, but I read books that seemed to have all the answer for healing.

Oprah Winfrey frequently had New Age people on her show and I was interested and I would buy their books, after all, we were coming into the age of information.

Quite by accident or by the devil's plan, I came upon The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner and bought his books and the whole webinar on CDs. I even made a blog post about the book. I listened to his free webinars on my computer and for the duration, he had special guests that were all New Age with tons of seemingly good information to improve every aspect of one's life.

Last Fall, I bought two books by the author of The Law Of Attraction but by now I have forgotten the name of the other book and even the author.   As I settled in my bed to read The Law Of Attraction, I asked God, should I read this book? Does this book contain the truth? It didn't feel right... I got an uneasy feeling.  After reading the first few pages, I threw it in the wastebasket and thought, what a waste of my money. I could have returned it but instead, the next day, I picked it up and put it on the shelf where it stayed until a few weeks ago.

 I picked up the Law Of Attraction book from the shelf and opened it but did not read it and again I had the very same weird feeling about it, something wasn't right. I picked both books by the same author and without hesitation, I threw them in the garbage bin.  I wasn't going to give it to anyone to read.

 I went online to check this out and came upon a youtube video  New Age is Dangerous Law of Attraction and there were a lot of other similar testimonies about why people had to leave the New Age movement after their lives were spiraling out of control with demonic possessions and all sorts of out of body experiences. New Age was promising them hidden wisdom, healing, love,  inner peace, and financial success but instead, after a while, their life became tormented instead of peaceful and serene, they just lived in darkness and despair.

 I came upon a Youtube video by Steven Bancraz entitled Proof The New Age Movement is Satanic and another youtube video by the same author, From New Age To Jesus, then another youtube by a lady,  Ex Witch Reveals Connection between Yoga and Satan. I googled "List of New Age Practices" and found a list by Doreen Virtue, entitled A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid and Why. It was published on January 21, 2019. It's like I was opening up a can of worms. So many people being deceived by New Age and leaving New Age for Jesus.

Doreen's  list was long and I was not aware that things like Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Chakras, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Horoscope, Harry Potter, Hypnosis, Meditating,  Peace sign (upside down broken cross), Vision Boards and many others including Law of Attraction were all from the occult, like Tarot Cards, Witchcraft and Ouiji Boards.

Doreen Virtue left the New Age Movement at the height of her career. She was a prolific New Age writer and teacher with over 40 or so books published by Hay House and is now warning everyone about the danger of New Age. Doreen Virtue tried to have all her books taken from the shelves but the publisher refused to do it or their hands were tied... So she went on social media to ask for forgiveness and warn her readers about the danger of New Age and many of her readers have taken her advice and destroyed all their New Age books. After leaving New Age and turning to Jesus Christ, her life became peaceful and happy and meaningful.

There are lots and lots of testimonies about possessions by evil spirits from ex-New Age people so it's not to be taken lightly.  Oprah, the most influential woman in the world, worth  4 Billion dollars is totally immersed in New Age and rolling in money but at what cost? What price does she put on her soul?  Do you think that she's happy? Another youtube video, by Steven Bancarz, Oprah's New Age Christianity Dangerous Heresy. Her perception of reality is certainly not congruent with the Holy Bible.

I'm sorry for the length of this post, and if all this seems extreme to you,  but in reality, it is.  I had no idea about all the different practices that were listed, were considered New Age.  The New Age movement is rooted in the occult and polytheism and it is forbidden in the Holy Bible. The occult is from Satan, the father of all lies and the great deceiver. We don't need New Age, all we need is to read our Holy Bible and turn to Christ. I take great comfort from reading Psalms in my Holy Bible daily now. It brings me comfort and healing.

I did a lot more research and I had enough information to make an informed decision to burn all my new Age books. I will only share parts of my research here but with even only these, you can come to your own decision. We cannot serve two masters. If we serve the wrong one, we lose our soul in hell for eternity but if we serve Jesus, we have eternal life.

Like I said, I don't expect everyone to agree with me at this time,  but I feel it is for the good that I'm doing this. I will never say, May the force be with you but May God bless you.

Thanks for reading this long post and for leaving a comment if you wish.
Spring is right around the corner but seems to be getting farther with the latest snow storm. 34 days to Spring.

Keep safe and warm.
Hugs, Julia