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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I'm not one to pamper myself much but even I need to get a hair cut from time to time. My hair grows so fast... This time, my hair got a little longer than usual and with this rainy weather my hair has a tendency to curl since I've had Chemo. I don't know why but that's how it is.

It's OK until it get's a certain length and then I can't do a thing with it. Usually, I trim it every 4 weeks, a little here and a little there  just to keep it manageable since I have thin hair.

This morning after barn work, I showered and grabbed my trusty old barber scissors and cut my own hair before going to church. It was curling in my neck and I looked neglected and it didn't felt good.

Here are front and back mirror selfies....  I'll tell you, taking a selfie  of the back of my own head in a mirror isn't easy. It's harder than cutting my own hair.   OK, I was dressed by then. I didn't want to scare anybody away. hahaha, and beside I didn't want to break my camera or my mirror. Don't need 7 years bad luck...

I needed my two hands to keep my camera steady with this shot. I had to take about 10 photos before I got the back of my head, lol... I was getting everything but the back of my head... It was all guess work... My neck is whiter where the hair was long. You can tell I spend a lot of time outdoors by my tan.

This one was easier to take but still tricky. I had to put the camera at a slight angle and look directly at the camera in the mirror.  No before pictures for obvious reason... hehehe....

Even the big Maple tree needed a trim.  Oh lordy... notice my Christmas tree lights still on the house at the top of this picture.  lol... I guess life is busy here isn't it....

George lifted Reid as high as he could in the big tractor bucket  so Reid could cut the branches with a chain saw while I directed George where to drive and how high to lift the bucket as he couldn't see Reid way up there with a chain saw in his hand...  I didn't want Reid to get hit on the head with the overhead branches. So of course, I couldn't take photos. I think they cut about 5 long branches.

They hauled the branches out of the way and cut them into firewood. Now my little crap apple tree has more light.

That huge tree in the front is a soft wood maple and grows way too fast and the branches needs trimming every year to keep it from obstructing the view for drivers.

This is the beef stew with dumplings that was left in my dutchoven after everyone had eaten at dinner time Saturday. The boys work hard and a stew hits the spot when it's cool and damp.

I made some Rhubarb Custard desert  as I needed to use up some eggs before they pass the best before date. We haven't eaten many eggs lately. This is what was left after everyone ate. I had a piece too of course. Yummy... It had a shortbread base.

Working in the kitchen was a good break from weeding and whitewashing.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there living or in heaven.
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