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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Like so many people I go incognito every time I go out. I wear a mask and my glasses turn dark in the sun. I'm respecting the social distancing and so far, it has been very manageable. We are lacking of nothing except visitors. I usually get lots of visitors to our house during the summer but not this year. My little granddaughter was crying to come to visit me at my house, the poor little thing. She is too young to understand. It is so sad. All this because of Covid-19. We are in the second wave but so far our area is doing well under the circumstances. Both my husband and I are at high risk so we are not pushing our luck.

Since I didn't take any photos for my blog lately, I thought that I should insert this photo of me taken almost two years ago, at my brother's house before Christmas, 2018.

I guess, now since I'm retired, I no longer take blogging seriously.   It has nothing to do with the new blogger interface as it seems to be as easy as before to post. I haven't encountered too many problems with it but then I hardly posted anything lately... It could be that the new interface is compatible with my MacBook Pro...  I have no idea. I actually love that it's easier to view all my old posts at a glance. I can also view how many views each post had.   I'll admit that when I shared a video from Youtube, I couldn't add any script and had to use the comment section to add something, and that's the only problem I have encountered so far but nobody likes to view those videos anyway so it's not stopping me from posting. Maybe I've just gotten really lazy lately. 

I still love my blogger friends and love to hear from them even though I've slacked a lot on Blogger. I still get emails quite often.    The lack of interest in blogging from everyone probably has something to do with it too. I used to have so many followers leaving lots of comments but most of them have stopped blogging for whatever reason. They moved over to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but, I'm just not a follower of those Social Media except Blogger.

As I'm getting older, my interests have changed too, I still have hobbies but nothing that would interest anybody but me at the moment. I'm getting ready to turn 74 very shortly. How did this happen? Do you suppose I'll make it to the centenary mark someday? lol... As many of you know, as I get older, my interest has turned to spirituality and away from worldly things.  Each day is zooming by so fast, I can't believe we are already at the end of October. The world has gone bonker... So much unrest and protests.

I'm on Zoom a lot lately with a fantastic prayer group from Ottawa,  and they have become like family and great friends and I'm meeting people from all over Canada, my province of New Brunswick and even in the USA at least three times a week and sometimes more... We do a lot of praying but also a lot of laughing too.

My yard and gardens are still wondering why I don't clean up the dead debris, but just the thought of losing my topsoil is enough to stop me dead in my tracts if we get another big flood in the spring. The dead debris seems to hold down the soil a little better than when I clean up the dead debris in the fall. 

This summer has been so dry and the front lawn has been devastated by chinch bugs. They totally killed the grass in a wide area. The summer before we had a grub infestation throughout the whole city and they ruined my lawn back then too.  Yesterday,  my husband dumped a few loads of topsoil on the front lawn, and he and my grandson, Liam, reseeded it. It's a rough job by my standard but I'm not complaining. Maybe, I'll have some green grass to cut next spring. 

My grandson Liam, is staying with us this fall and helps my husband on the farm.  I'm cooking a little more. It's easier to cook for three than for two. A Blueberry pie doesn't last long. 

This week, the men left the basement window party opened when they brought some wood in the basement and some mice came in. I caught 4. Two fat ones and two smaller ones. No mice are safe around me. I won't rest until I'm 100% sure they are all gone. Yucky little creatures.

Hopefully, in my next post, I'll share my new found hobby. I order most of my supplies online. 

I wish you a Happy Halloween. where you are.  Halloween is dead in our neck of the wood. There are no kids in this part of town. They all grew up and moved away and nobody seems to have kids anymore. 

Stay safe and well. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.

Hugs, Julia