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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


I think it's high time to show you some progress on my seedlings.

Here is my Morning Glory growing along with the ginger indoors. This was my first blossom and as of today, I have had three blossoms. There are a lots of buds on the plant. It wants to twist around the ginger leaves but every day, I just make the tendrils climb on itself.

There are more shoots coming out from the ginger plant.

My seedlings have grown and I've been putting them outdoors to harden.

I 've been digging sod with lots of weeds at the end of the garden and I have amended the soil and planted 8 blueberry bushes.

I have three double rows of assorted peas, three rows of assorted onions, some spinach and kale planted. Everything is starting to grow. Today I planted two rows of Cylendra beets. I like them because they are long beets and are great for slicing.

I'm still cleaning up from the flood damage on my lawn and gardens. I'll spare you from showing flood pictures but instead, I have included a mini sample of the damage that I have to deal with.

The Daylily flowerbed has been cleaned but I haven't replaced the soil yet.  I didn't lose as much topsoil as last year because I didn't clean the dead debris last fall.

Branches I picked up from the back lawn. They will be cut for kindling.

The path to the back garden behind the hedge. There is mud everywhere.

Everything is toppled and covered with mud in the garden shed.

My swing seats move from the gazebo to the back flower garden by the hedge. I wanted to move them up before the flood but my husband thought that the flood would not be as bad as last year, but it was. I was disappointed. My tulips were buried under mud and debris.

I have cleaned a lot but haven't taken pictures yet. I'm just doing what I can and the rest. I have pruned two of my rose bushes, weeded and removed all the bricks and replaced the landscape fabrics under the bricks and added some mulch. There are two of them but I'm only showing one bed.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry for waiting so long before posting. I wish you all a great weekend. I hope you'll enjoy doing whatever you choose to do. For us, it a long weekend. Victoria Day.
Hugs, Julia