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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This morning while I was still at the barn cleaning up before coming back to the house, I got a call from my husband and even though it was noisy in the milk-house I could hear my husband's voice on my new cell phone. Normally I can't hear a call coming in when it's noisy and I have to go outside if I want to talk on the phone, but I could hear my husband's voice very well. It even has a speaker phone on it so others can hear if I choose. He wanted to tell me that the dentist 's office had called and new my partial was in and that I could go for a fitting for 10:30 am.

When I sat in the dentist chair he noticed that something was wrong and asked how I was feeling. I told him the bad news about my daughter's last ultrasound.  My daughter's unborn little boy is missing his left hand, and how hard it was to see my daughter Christine  and her husband going through this terrible news and trying to come to grip with this reality that they will have to deal with.

The dentist was very sympathetic and told me that he remembers my daughter Christine very well and asked me if I wanted him to pray over her and her  baby, her husband and us grandparents as well. I was very touched  by his prayer and a shiver went through me as he prayed. Then he ask if I wanted him to include them in his daily prayer of intercession and I said " Yes please do". He rushed to get a piece of paper to write her name down so he would remember them in his prayers.

 Christine is very bright and intelligent and had a PHD in chemistry and is happily married to her handsome  man whom we all dearly love.  Together they have a very bright future. It's plain to see that they both will make excellent parents just by the way the grandchildren adores them both whenever they come for visits. They always make time for their nieces and nephews.  I just wish that they didn't had to go through such an ordeal at this time. So if you please could you pray for this beautiful couple and their unborn baby?
Sadness comes in waves and tears weld up in my eyes whenever I think of them and their little guy.

It was a beautiful day to work outside today but somehow I didn't feel like it so I stayed inside and puttered around the office that I share with my husband and did some filing, paid some bills and tidied up my little corner of the office.

 I've been taking care of a sick older calf for the last four days and she had a high fever and was not eating her grain as she was being weaned off her milk. She's been on penicillin for 4 days and shows some improvement but gets extremely short of breath still. I've been very concerned about her too as I never had an older calf getting sick in my care like that before. She has started to eat her grain a little bit this morning.

 Thanks for allowing me some space to sort things out before posting my sad news.
Surely God's hand is somewhere in there but we can't see it right now. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  JB