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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Yep, I'm feeling a bit guilty for not posting. I have just too many things going on that I can't seem to be bothered to select what I want to blog about.

I went and checked the river bank yesterday and I picked some fiddleheads.  A lot of bloggers have never heard of fiddleheads so I thought that I would make mention of them here. Our farm has a riverfront property so we can pick fiddleheads to eat in the spring. These delicacy can be found in the fresh vegetable isle in grocery stores and are pricy since they are labor intensive to pick and clean.

You can click on the picture to get a closer look.

Sorry, I didn't had my camera but this is a picture I took of fiddleheads on May 19, 2011  They are all washed many times until the little brown coverings are all removed.  Maybe I'll do a better documentary on fiddleheads next time.

If we don't pick them early, people go on our land and pick them before we have a chance at picking for ourselves and it's not fun.

Yesterday I picked about 21 pounds and it took me a little over 3 hours counting the time to go and come back by car.  I gave away all to family and kept 3 pounds for ourselves. I may go back to pick again and will take my camera this time

I had  forgotten to take my camera as I was just going to check if they were ready but I wish I would have taken it with me because  I saw a big fox watching me for a while and I saw a cormorant bird on a log in the brook that connect to the river. I watched it for a good 5 minutes and it just stayed there. I had never seen one in our area before. It was pretty cool and I saw an adult eagle in a big tree scanning the surroundings.

Today I planted some beets in the rain, and pruned one of my thorniest Grootendorst  rose bush using a pair of leather gloves to protect my hands... Very pretty when in full bloom.

Here is a older  picture of  my Grootendorst as it's just starting to bloom. This is a 2011 picture as well. You can see it's covered with buds ready to bloom.

The grass is starting to green up and the spring flowers are popping up here and there. Nothing spectacular yet.

Thanks for stopping in. I appreciate your comments.