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Sunday, September 7, 2014


I felt sleepy this afternoon, I laid down to nap, but  I couldn't sleep. I grabbed the Sunday diocesan newspaper and I read several articles and one from Pope Francis had lots of food for thoughts.

I then went to check my emails and saw a comment from Vicki Bolster on my last post called, I'M TIRED,  TIRED, MAN I'M TIRED.   I had read her post earlier with the intention of commenting when time allowed but didn't had time to comment at the time and totally forgot all about it...

Vicki has agreed to help Josephine, a social worker who is working with vulnerable and disadvantage kids  in Kampala Uganda. These children are victims of physical and sexual abuse and children of young mothers who are living or are affected with HIV and Aids. These children are from 6 to 18 years of age.

Josephine has connected to Vicki's blog 2 Bags Full and asked for help for school and art supplies , personal hygiene supplies, clothing, toys and many basic items for the children which are all listed on Vicki's blog post.

Please take a look at this worthy cause.
What so ever you do to the least of my children, you do unto me. Those are Jesus' words...

Here is Josephine with small children

This is the letter from Josephine asking Vicki's help for donations of supplies for the children.

This letter and correspondences between Vicki and Josephine can be read in full on Vicki's blog before Vicki agreed to help her.

Vicki is a nurse with a soft heart for children and her passion is knitting and photography and last year she launched the project Pink Scarves and was inundated with pink scarves knitted and crocheted by her blog followers from all over the world and these were donated to breast cancer survivors and it was a roaring success. Vicki is relentless in helping the less fortunates through her blog.

Please visit her blog and read up about this special mission and help Josephine help these children. I'll be getting a package ready to send Vicki. She has already arranged to have a shipping company ship the material to Josephine...

Click on the link to visit  Vicki's blog and get a better idea of how to help these little people.

On the farm, it's been one calf after another and mostly bulls this time, including one big calf who decided that he want to come into the world  backward and upside down this morning. I have another one due tomorrow.

At home, I got another two batches of Lady Ashburnham pickles in the pantry.

I hope that you all enjoying some cooler temperatures now that September arrived. It's been a gorgeous day and is  20 degrees C. or 68 degrees F. and tonight it goes down to 7 degrees C. or 44.6 F.

Thanks for reading and visiting Vicki's blog. Every little bit helps.