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Friday, May 11, 2012


This week I got some new photos of my grandson that I want to share with you. James got his new prosthesis this week and he's slowly getting use to wearing one of them.

James is having his first fitting for his prosthetics. Look at that happy little face.

He got his first spatula to help him get used to having something on the end of his arm.

He can use the little spatula on the end to hold small things.

He actually likes his spatula as he can hold on things with it.

He wears it to play

He still has some getting used to it

He wants to have it on now. He still can feel things with his stub.

The hand is not very functional but it's more to get him used to grabbing with it. the thumb is spring loaded to help him hold little toys.

So many new gadgets to get used to, poor little guy. He looks a little  tired or he's deep in thoughts.
He can not feel with the hand so he hits himself with it because he's not used to the new length.

They chose a Thomas fabric for his hand as he love his Thomas trains. The hand will probably feel sweaty in the summer,

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