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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I finally started to decorate the entrance inside the house and since I have a banister on my stairs I've decided to hang my old skinny evergreen garland on it. I've added some pinecones and little thrift store birds and some ribbons. It could use some more fillers but I'm not planning on spending money unless I accidentally find somethings  to spruce it up at the thrift store.

My husband doesn't usually get interested in the decorations but he felt that I should take some pictures and put them on my blog. So here it goes.

The same decorations as last year except that I had the garland on the mantel last year and I added a  different ribbon. I love my little snowman who is holding to the spindle on the stairs. My little guys say

This is a view of the bow in the front

One of my little bird sitting on a branch

This little red bird is missing an eye. There are some more but I'll only show two here.

Another thrift store buy from last year including the pine cones, the bow and the basket

This year, I added the little santa in the train and the carollers. both thrift store finds. The two other thrift finds were from last year.

I've added one snowman from the thrift store on the left  end of the table with my other thrift store find  collection and  the sign says "Snowballs for Sale Cheap"

This tiny nativity was in a little bag with other ornaments that I bought this year at the thrift store . I'm missing Mary and the cow.  I'm hoping that my artist granddaughter can make me some replacement pieces out of Femo clay.

My ceramic village that I made several years ago.  some pieces missing and I will not be able to finish  it because the moulds were damaged in the flood.

I make due with this piece I made as part of it was broken in the flood as well.

One of my old poinsettia that has survived except one section has died. It was neglected and wilted badly.

This one also is from last year.

This one from several years ago. Not in the best condition as they all need repotting.

This is an old one too but it has lots of red bracts starting to turn. It should be red for Christmas

This one was won as a door prize at our Christmas party last year. It's a bicolor one and is starting to turn color.  It looks a bit anemic. As you can see I don't spend much as I make due with what is given me. I didn't bought a single poinsettia again this year.

I hope that you are getting in the Christmas spirit without having to spend too much if you are thrifty like me and that you enjoyed your little visit at my house.