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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


There is still so much snow here in Ottawa and everywhere. Hard to believe Spring starts tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of James at Day Care. The photos were taken by his teacher on St Patrick's Day

He never stops for posing and is always on the move and it's difficult to get a real good shot.

Here is a brighter shot... She used a tablet to take these pictures.

Here's another little guy wearing green. This is Daniel.

Happy Spring everyone.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Despite a lot of snow,  March is feeling more like spring isn't too far away. The snow has started to melt a bit as the temperatures are warming up.

My little new grandson is making the most of the season by trying to help score a goal for the Ottawa Senators Hockey team and I think that he succeeded. lol...

It all happened so fast, lol... I removed  his diaper and had just cleaned him good and proper and I was in the process of putting on a fresh diaper and as I lifted his little feet up,  he shot with great precision as high as he could lol. It flew all over me and his blanket. Christine  grabbed the camera and took a picture. It's all in the line of duty. I might have to wear some goggles next time, lol.

 As my daughter and I were getting ready to go do some grocery shopping, Mr Mom was taking care of the baby and housework.

Look who's hiding in the baby snuggle wrap.

Mr Mom is  cleaning house while  he's also taking care of the baby.

Meantime he uses a robot vacuum for the hardwood floor while doing something else.

The rug needs a thorough vacuuming with the big machine and baby is still being looked after.

Baby can join us in his little swing in  the dining room while we are having lunch, after we got back home from shopping.  He's never left alone.

Mr Mom finds time to play with James with Play Doh. James put Play Doh in the little construction extruder and makes some construction beams.

Time for coffee break and James is the Keurig kid. He check to see if there's enough water and he says, "Check Wader" he select the coffee and puts it in place and pushs the lever and press the Brew button and voila, a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee in seconds.

He also makes my coffee.

And here's the freshly brewed cup of hot coffee

I hope that you are all having a great day and thanks for dropping by.

Monday, March 4, 2013


ThIt hard to  believe that I've already been here a whole week. I'm busy with sharing time between James and baby brother and time goes fast. I've managed to take a lot of photos and I have to share some here.

 James love to have books read to him.

I've noticed that James like to invent ways to play with his favorite toys.  He carried his stuffed puppies in this wagon around and dumped them and placed the wagon on his head and ran around the kitchen with this funny hat.

Sunday we visited the Museum of Science in Ottawa and James knows the place and knows how to get the door to open.

He wants to listen to the voice on the phone.

He love to look at the first Bombardier snowmobile

This rotating display drum of the construction of a canoe just fascinated him and he kept turning it.

There were three big train engines in the museum and james love the trains.

He loves to look in the fire chamber. There's a red light but it doesn't shows up in the picture.

James is also fascinated by big wheels and was showing me.

In the play room he loved to demolish any structures made out of light weight boxes. He just plowed through it.

He loves pushing a button that makes the train model run.

The distorting mirrors were also a big attraction.

There were many models of cars on display but this one was hands on so he wanted to climb onboard.

Wheels and levers, what fun...

He could have played for hours going through these dimly lit tunnels.  The flash on my camera really lit it up. Here we were on our way out of the tunnels and down the stairs so daddy is carrying him.

Today was baby brother first visit to the doctor office for first checkup and i carried the heavy cargo.

Sorry Christine, I cut off the top of your head. Not one of my beat shot...

Waiting to see the doctor seems not to be bothering this little guy.

The scale says 7 lbs 12 oz. He has gained back 4 ounces since he was discharged from the hospital and eats a lot and often so in no time he will have gained all that weight back.

Uncle Al came to bring a gift for little brother but also brought a nice Thomas train set for James which was a big hit.

Playtime in James tent and he was having a lot of fun with me. James wanted me to pretend I was sleeping and snoring and then he would say Wake up, wake up. He has learned to sing all the verses to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I have tons of other  photos but too many to share. This Nanny is very tired and is heading to bed. My photos took so long to upload and robbed me of some of my blogging time. I'll try to visit your blogs whenever I can find some spare time.
Thanks so much for your wonderful comments.