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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Not a single trick or treater again this year in our neighbourhood and it's raining. The closest thing that feels like Halloween are these photos that my daughter Christine sent me tonight of James and Daniel, herself and her husband Joe. This is a family who really knows how to enjoy Halloween.

Christine and Daniel in their costumes

Joe and James at the agriculture museum

James  going to the Agriculture museum Sorry, the photos are out of sequence.

 Joe and James putting googly eyes on his pumpkin. James loves googly eyes. Can you tell?

So many pumpkin to choose from. James pulling on a pumpkin wagon

James the little tiger loves Halloween and has been very excited all week about the whole thing.

Daniel and James digs this green pumpkin.

Pooh Bear versus Sqully. Daniel seems to prefer Pooh.

A Martian pumpkin

James resting on a pumpkin. Looking for just the right pumpkin can be very tiring.

Wow, that looks like a big pumpkin in the foreground while James is still resting. Pumpkins makes the best seat don't you think?

Mommy and James looking like cute pumpkins too in the sunny reflection.

Christine made this costume for Joe to represent Kevin Flynn of the Movie Tron but the picture doesn't do it justice. Light can really play tricks in photography.

This is Kevin Flynn from the Movie Tron.

I hope that you all had a Happy and Safe Halloween.
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