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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Can you trust your own car dealer? I used to trust  my car dealer but not anymore.  They are really after as much money as they can squeeze out of their customers.

Last week I brought my car in to have a diagnostic done on an engine light that kept going on and off and I got a new fuel valve replaced for $309.00 and I scratch paint from someone pumper when I pulled out of their crowded parking lot and they wanted me to pay $395.50 to have the repair done on the other truck.  I said that I would pay and I got the name of the owner and called and left a detail message on his phone with my name and phone number. I never got a call from the truck.

Today I got a call from the dealership and asked me to come and pay them by Tuesday as the guy's truck was going to be brought in to repaint the bumper.  Now I'll pay for the damage but it will be the last time I'm taking my car there.  I'm never going to bring my car there for repairs or to buy another car. I'll be done with them.

Not too long ago, my husband took his truck there  to get it checked and they told him that it would cost $1500.00 to have a new transmission put in. My husband took the truck somewhere else and asked them to check it.They checked it, they changed the oil filter and gas filters and my have done something else and they charged $150.00 and the truck well.  My husband is furious and also agrees with me that they have lost us as customers.

A friend of ours agrees with us also that their parking lot is atrocious with cars parked all over the place.
It's certainly not senior friendly. He's also a senior and not satisfied with their service.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm really annoyed with them.

I hope that you only have good news today.