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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


 When the critters overtake a corn patch, they can destroy it in no time but it seems like I foiled their plan this year. The electric fence deterred the deers and raccoons and the corn bags deterred the birds. My first attempt at growing corn has been a success. The corn had the chance to develop fully without any damage and was large and delicious. I've been giving some away to family and friends. I may try a corn relish recipe if I get the time. 

The cotton bags did get some mildew stains on them but a good soak in a mild bleach restored them to like new and ready for next year.

                                                          Corn fresh from the corn patch. 

My sister came for a visit today and I gave her enough corn for her and her daughter's large family, potatoes, green beans, squash, and tomatoes.  She was very happy with the fresh veggies, then I brought some corn and other veggies to my granddaughter also. It feels good to be able to give food to those who don't have a garden. 

 I've been pickling all my large cucumbers and made 14 quarts and 30 pints of Lady Ashburnham pickles, and a small jar.

9 pints of beets,  12 pints and 1 quart of Bread 'n  Butter pickles, 6 pints of spicy pickled beans, 5 pints of salsa, and a small jar, in all 79 jars... 

I still have a lot of green beans to process and I gave some away also. My fridge is full. The harvest was heavy this year and we've been eating a lot of green beans., despite the groundhogs eating the first flush of blooms earlier. The plants became bushier and loaded with beans.

I'll be making some more spicy green beans to give away.  My son and his friends love these. I'll admit that I love them too.

I made a batch of yummy salsa with the tomatoes I picked but didn't have enough for another batch. We usually buy a lot of salsa in the course of a year and I will definitely make a lot more when more tomatoes ripen. 

I always take off the rims when I  put the preserves away and put the rings back on when I open them,  or when I sell or give away. 

This is the damage the deers are doing to the cucumber patch at the farm. We usually have tons of cucumbers but this year, the deers have really damaged the whole patch and we had very few cucumbers in comparison to other years. They trampled the plants, chewed the stems and blossoms, and even ate the small cucumbers and many of the beets at the farm. 

You can see deer tracks everywhere in the farm gardens. 

This is the tomato garden. I picked all the red tomatoes and they are difficult to see as the plants are spreading far and wide, but there will be a lot more to come I hope.  I go check them every other day.

I hope that you are all safe from the hurricane and are all doing well. We are supposed to get two days of rain. 

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