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Saturday, June 9, 2018


It's been quite a ride but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For all those of you who emailed me, asking how I was progressing with the flood clean up. I have to say thank you for your concerns and caring... Things have progressed slowly but surely.

I approached the problem by prioritizing and the clean up at the farm was priority one as we needed to get the cattle back to the farm. The other farmer who shared the exhibition barn with our farm, only got their cattle back home today. Can you imagine? A flood that started on April 27th has affected that farmer so much and today we are June the 9th.

 For those who asked about High Water, the heifer calf who was born during the flood, she is doing really well. I may take her picture when I get a chance.  Life is really busy still.

The gazebo was all cleaned up by a volunteer and I  pressure washed it, but the swings will have to be painted later...

My next priority was  the perennial flowerbed and the path to the shed...   I dug up so many wheelbarrows of sand with weeds. I finally got the path to the shed cleared and I started to unearth my peonies that were buried under all that sand.  In places, I had to use the pressure hose to dig the peonies without damaging them.

Digging out the path from all the sand and weeds that came in.

This is what it looked like before I dug out the path from under all that sand and mud. You can get an idea by looking where the shovel is...

Even this flowerbed was under water but is still doing well. I need to clean out the brick border;

 I pressure washed the bricks around the flowerbeds and also the path and seeded the bare areas where the sand was. It's been hot during the day and I've watered the seeded are well but in no time it dries up.

Tjis shoes the path cleared of sand nd mu and weeds.

This is the path to he shed,  after removing the sand and mud off of it and pressure washing it and the bricks around the flowerbeds.

The daylilies flowerbed has had the topsoil replaced and so far they are doing well.

The next priority was cleaning out the garage where I had stored a lot of damaged stuff and the carport. Now my husband can park his truck in there.
My son helped me to bring a whole bunch of rusty shelves and metal scraps that could be salvaged for recycle to the farm metal heap for recycling and brought all my waste to the dump.  Now the garage and carport are all cleaned up.

Last evening, my son Vaughan tilled the back vegetable garden for me and today I planted the potatoes, onions, and peas.   I also repaired the flowerbed by the driveway that the flood removed the topsoil.

We got a frost warning tonight so I didn't plant flowers yet...  It's kind of late for frost in our area but nothing is as it was with this crazy weather but life is good and the spring flowers are still blooming as if nothing has changed. I'm getting a farmer's tan again.

In the meantime, flowers continue to bloom as if nothing happened.

There are still flood clean up to do in the farm office but that can wait until I have the time to deal with it. So far, nobody else has offered to do that cleanup.  There are still a bunch of papers in the drawers that got wet and are probably moldy by now that has got to be taken care of.  So is my life. I have to prioritize and all is as it should be.

Planting the rest of the garden is next and then the lawn that needs to be fixed.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit and leaving a little comment.  I so appreciate it.
Hugs, Julia