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Thursday, March 9, 2017


After my daughter Nicole passed away last fall, I felt out of sort. I still had to work at the farm but I needed something to keep my mind off my sorrow and my hands busy after work while the snow was flying.
I contacted Sunnie Andress who is a Folk Art Artist  who hooks beautiful folksy whimsical rugs.  I knew that rug hooking was therapeutic and asked her if she would start another rug challenge with our  Great Stash Deworming Marathon group on Rug Hooking Daily. She was busy settling in her new place but kindly agreed to start a new rug challenge for our group after Christmas.

She did and named it Inside, Outside, All Around the Town. This theme was free to be interpreted as per our creativity. It's amazing at how everyone interpret this theme.
I was anxious to start pulling worms so I quickly drew my design and started hooking that afternoon.
We were suppose to hook with as much left over worms as possible  and only cut wool if we absolutely needed to as some of us have been making a lot of rugs with left over worms and our stash is running low, especially mine.

Here is my challenge rug that still needs it's edges finished.  It measures 27  3/4'' x 18''.  I called it My Little Town. I only cut wool strips for the sky, clouds, 1/3 of the dark border and a bit of the glass for window and a bit of black for outline. The rest was entirely hooked with leftover.
I had named the buildings but it was impossible to hook the letters in such a small space so only the school got named. The challenge is over on March 31.  I'm anxious to see all the rugs members came up with. Some are already posted on our group forum.

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