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Monday, May 4, 2015


Finally our roof is done..... Our old roof was in such need to be replaced but  with threats of flooding in the spring  and then other pressing things at the farm it never got done. Not knowing wether we would flood or not this year,   we couldn't wait any longer and we hoped for the best. The water levels keeps going down.

The weather man announced sunshine and my husband rounded up a crew and got the roofing delivered and then it rained for days.

Here is the delivery truck with the lift.
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I was busy and by the time I thought to take a photo of the roofing delivery, the load was already off the big truck and on top of the roof. The big tarp still wasn't in place on the lawn but the guys were working on removing the old plywood off the soffit.

It's  a very wide soffit and this is where the squirrels were running  back and forth driving me crazy at night.

Some of the guys worked at preparing the site in the rain and did some tearing up of the soffits and rain gutters, placed the roofing bundles on the roof. They worked in the sunshine, rain, freezing rain and even snow. With more rain in the forecast for the work was halted.

When the guys were here to work, I fed the workers well, we had hot beef sandwiches with gravy, fries and vegetables one day, pizzas and carrot cake and brownies another day,  hot chicken stew with apple pie, another day and Chicken Fettuchine with sundried tomatoes and lemon pies on the last day. They worked in miserable weather and also in the heat.

Jordyn, my oldest granddaughter and her son, Cyprus helped making pizza.

Yes, Cyprus helped too and was placing pepperoni in a bowl and Jordyn was taking a picture with her smart phone. There was 2 more small  pizza than on the counter and the men raved about how good they were.

When everyone was done there was lots of pizza left.

This is the back

This is the garage on the back. It was a sunny day and it was hot up there. Notice the new soffit with nice edging on the top roof.

The job is still not complete but the roof is done and the young guys said they will stay in school and get an education instead of becoming roofers.  It was hard and heavy work.  Thanks guys. A job well done.

I have more pictures than I was going to use but it's good reference for prosperity.
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