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Monday, April 2, 2012


Meet our lovely hostess Sharon and her handsome and helpful husband, Richard.

A treasure chest overflowing of prizes for the fiber artists. The members were asked to bring something for prizes.

A table full of lovely prizes. You could hear the cheers when someone numbers came up.

Yet another large table chock full of so many beautiful prizes.

Here is my daughter Jackie grinning happily with her winnings. A bag filled with Fiber Art magazines. Way to go Jackie
Somehow I don't see the Mr Burns resemblance anymore... Jackie is a great sport and has great sense   of humor to make us laugh. 

This is a close-up of a chenille technique. I had never seen someone make this before.
The lady explained that she place three identical motif on top. There is a backing and a layer of cotton batting and she sews straight lines all over the piece and then cuts through the layers and then wets the piece and brushes the cuts with a stiff brush to make the chenille. Very pretty. 

This is the lady who made this. It was so interesting to see the process.  You can see the brush and the water bottle she used. 

This lady was making some beautiful quilted pieces and I was taken by her Janome  sewing machine with the table. I love her small iron and ironing board.

This lady was making a beautiful quilt bag and she also had a Janome sewing machine.

This table had a bobbin lace display with intricate designs. There is a piece of very intricate lace in a small cameo in a jewelry box. Just such  beautiful work.

There was a table display of all kind of beautiful finished pieces  on tables but the fashion show started and I was scrambling to get some pictures of the artists wearing their creations. I'll show some more at a later date.

This lady knitted this colorful shawl. Since I was taking photos I can't remember all the type of wools everyone were using but there were all kind of fancy names.

Look how beautiful this looks.

A lovely little shawl.  I can't remember if it was knitted or crocheted.

Now this lady was hilarious as she modeled her beautiful socks.She would lift her feet in the air as high as she could and then to everyone surprise, she laid on her back and lifted both feet in the air so we all got a great look and laugh. Very creative in her presentation.

This lady decided to wear her beautiful big quilt.

Here's a view from the back.

This lady made a jacket, scarf and blouse and her friend made the little fiber broach for her lapel.

This lady shared my table. She made this beautiful shawl with alpaca wool that she got in Peru.

Here is another shot of the back.

This lady is sporting felted floral decorations on her hat and sweater. I believe that she also knitted her sweater but I am not 100% sure as I have difficulty hearing in a noisy environment. You can click on the picture to get a closer view.

This lady knitted a lovely sweater and changed some of the motif at the bottom to suite her taste. I can't remember if it's an Islandic or Nordic pattern but I just love it and the colors too.

This creative lady felted her scarf, her purse and even her boots.

I tried to take a closer look at the boots but she was walking a bit too fast for my camera to focus. All the models were walking rather fast and it was a challenge for me to take good pictures.

This lady made a chenille vest using a seascape deign. So much work but a beautiful job.

Another view from the back.

Some beautiful scarves and I believe that they were weaved silk, I could be wrong.

This lady also had a lovely scarf.

This lady is wearing a cashmere sweater that came from the Chris and Christine Silver  Cashmere goat farm whose barns and out buildings burn last week and they also lost half of their cashmere goat herd. They were in the process of getting the building ready for insurance but unfortunately they just a few days short of being insured and lost everything.  Chris has Leukemia. Donations were taken at the Retreat for their trust Fund to help them get back on their feet.

This lovely lady is weary a beautiful shawl and gloves she made. She is wearing a tatted pendants that she also made. She teaches tatting and next year I'm planning to give it a try. 

The photo is not focused but I wanted you to see the back of the shawl.

This felting artist was busy making felted bunnies for her grandkids  prior to the show. She is wearing a felted shawl and a pair of  felted boots that she created.

I wanted you to see a close up of the boots.  They look warm and comfy.

Here she is removing the shawl and is about to wrap it around her waist.

This lady is wearing a beautiful shawl that she either knitted or crocheted.

Here is a blurry view from the back but you get the idea.

This is the lovely Julie, my daughter's  spinning friend. She  is modeling her fancy knitted skirt. She was actually the first in line in the fashion show and came out while I was scrambling to get my camera out of the case.  After the show made it round I chased after her as they were parading through the crowd.

I'm sorry that I have so many pictures on this post but I've had request to show the pictures as the spinners were to smitten with spinning to take photos.

There will be more pictures of rugs and things later .
I love to read your comments. Thanks for visiting my blog.   JB


I'm back at the grind stone today...  I had a great time at the 4th MARITIMES FIBER ART RETREAT  in Nova Scotia and a little tired from lack of sleep. The weather was fantastic for travel to Nova Scotia. Unfortunately we didn't had time to stop to visit fiber shops on the way.We got there on record time and didn't got lost thanks to my two great navigators.  There is one crucial exit where there is a fork in the road  that was not on the Google map and the girls remembered exactly where it was this time so we went in the right direction. There were 190 fiber artists registered and this year they had to use 2 rooms to accommodate everyone. There were lots of spinners and hookers amongst many other fiber arts.

I took a lot of photos but unfortunately it was difficult to get everyone's piece as anyone who has been to one of these events would understand.  Everyone gets so many interruptions from admirers that I didn't had the heart to impose on the artists to stretch out their art pieces for a photo. There was some tatting instructions and I'm planning on trying this beautiful art next year if the nice lady will demonstrate again.

This is piggy, she our faithful  traveling mascot who comes with us to all the Maritimes Fiber Art Retreat and to the girls' spinning retreats. Of course she's made of fiber after all.

That is me the driver of the van with my precious cargo of my daughter Jackie and her friend Sarah and all the spinning wheels, hooking frame, wool and fiber and suitcases etc..

This is Sarah, my daughter's friend.

This is my wonderful goofy daughter Jackie taking a self portrait with my camera.  She reminds me of that rich old geezer on the Simpsons cartoon,  I can't remember his name.... She'll kill me when she sees this.

This is my daughter Jackie in the center and some of her friends spinning their little hearts away.

My daughter on the left with a friend and her mom.
I guess that will be it for today's post as my computer is uploading very slow right now and I lost some of the photos that I just uploaded... rats... and wanted to show and I've got to go. I'll upload some on tomorrow's post hopefully. I love your comments.  JB