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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, August 28, 2022



It's been a very busy summer for me so far and I didn't blog very much lately as usual. Between working in the gardens and working in the house, I also kept busy preserving our bounty. 

 My hip has been hurting so bad, enough to make me limp quite badly. Weeds continue to take over in grandiose ways because I can no longer do it all. 

 For some reason, we had lots of rain and the grass has grown so fast this summer. We are at the end of August, and it has not slowed down, everything is lush and green this year.  The lawn should be mowed every other day to keep it tidy. My son is mowing with the big lawnmower but there are places he can't get by with it. 

I had promised some flower garden photos in my next post instead of preserves and pickles but because my iPhone had too many photos, the last batch didn't curate and they vanished. 

Rudbeckias and a patch of creeping Charlies 

Coleus of normal size that I propagated from last year's sole surviving plant started from seed this year.  

I started these Rainbow coleuses and they look like Coleus on steroids. lol...

One of my hydrangeas that survived deer attacks in the spring.

A young hydrangea and daylilies.

Arthur Moore daylilies which by now have all spent their flowers

Toltec Sundial daylilies

One of my many Asiatic lilies

I think these are Saloam Button Box Daylilies. I have way too many to post on this blog and you have all seen them in past posts anyway.

I had a question from Robin the Cranky Crow about what kind of electric stove I was using for canning vegetables with my large All American  Pressure Canner. It's a Samsung electric glass top stove with a very large burner. It has worked fantastically so far.

I hope it answers your question, Robin. I had taken a photo of the Large All American pressure canner on that burner but because I had too many photos on my iPhone, it did not curate and I lost it along with many other flower photos I had taken for this post. 

On a sadder note, my brother Leo, lost his battle with brain cancer this past week. I'm glad I got to see him before he died.  I hadn't seen him since before the pandemic. He was extremely emaciated and in a lot of pain lately. He had been paralyzed, and couldn't see in one eye and everything was blurred in the other since his brain operation in December 2021. Also, he had lost his hearing in one ear and needed help to sit and eat, and couldn't do anything for himself.  He was admitted to Palliative care and the next day, he passed away with his family at his side.

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