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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I've got no pictures but yesterday morning as I was sitting at the table having my coffee. I happen to look out the window and I could see a female robin with a bunch of dry grass in her beak being chased all over the neighbor's roof by a male robin. She was tying to get away but he kept jumping on her and chasing her and she in turn was running away from him. She was determined to built that nest and she just wasn't interested.  This went on for about 5 minute and he just wasn't giving up. Finally she flew away in the trees and the male robin followed her. She was so focused to built the nest or maybe she had a headache. I really don't know if he gave up the chase. It was kind of funny watching this behavior.

This morning at the barn, I came upon the male barn cat who had apparently fell in the wet cow manure. He was half covered in wet manure and looked just awful. His tail, under belly and hind legs were wet and black. Yuck, yuck.  He must have been pushed off the narrow cat walk on the gate by a heifer or cow. I've seen it happen before but the cat didn't got dirty that time.

Anyway the cat went to get a bite to eat and when he saw the little back mother cat, the one who has two small kittens,  he started to chase after her and she kept running away. I grabbed the hose and gave him a blast but he didn't like that but it didn't stopped him from trying to climb on her and she just kept trying to get away. Finally I grabbed my broom and wacked him with the bristles and he ran up in the hay loft.

I may be chasing that tom cat in my dream now, lol..

The barn cats are a bit on the wild side. I never pick them up for fear of being scratched or bitten  because of my lymph nodes being removed and I worry about  getting lymphedema. Swelling of the arm from infection can be problematic. Not a very interesting post today but such was my day. I'm just glad that I'm not being chased like that, lol...

I tilled most of my vegetable garden this afternoon with my little Mantis tiller until I got a rock stuck in the tines and I was running out of gas any way. So I decided to put my tiller away. Then I  weeded a tiny flower bed and I really didn't accomplished much after it got hot. It was already time to feed my calves.

I hope that you all got a taste of that beautiful sun today.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.