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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Thanks for all your sweet comment on my little Victoria.

She got me wrapped around her tiny finger, well  OK... toe, and I think that if she could ring a bell for service, she would. She doesn't need a bell however as she is well able to make herself heard when she wants room service. You'd never know that she comes from such humble beginnings as being born in a barn. lol....

She sleeps in a box with old towels and a Magic bag for heat, on my bed.  The box is wrapped up with some thick throws to keep the heat in the box. She loves her accomodations.

I had to change to a higher box as she climbed out from the box onto the bed then she came down on the wicker table at the foot of my bed and climbed on a pair of clean pyjamas bottoms and pooped on them, the nerves of her.

Since some of you wanted some pictures, here's some pictures of Victoria.

Haley is trying to feed Victoria but she's not cooperating.


Haley is a young girl who wants to become a large animal vet and come to volunteer some hours at our farm.. She still was biting the syringe.

Taking pictures of Victoria is quite a chore as she kept walking away and didn't want to have her picture taken.

She doing push up to strengthen her scrawny legs.

She hates push up and get defiant.

She want to go in her warm bed in a box. She thinks that crying is the way to get whats she wants.

Still crying in the corner, trying to look as pathetic as she can.

She's sticking her tongue at me in defiance.

Now she pouting, looking more like a possum that a kitten.

I'm trying to get her to look at the camera but she not really interested.

She keeping meowing

Doesn't she looks so pathetic?  Aww poor little thing, I shouldn't make fun of her. She's tired and wants to go to sleep. She' s just a baby.

You can tell she's been crying. I took her to bed and she started to purr and knead her little feet on her bedding.

She still hates to drink from the little nipple and bottle I got her but she love the 5cc syringe.  She now drinks about 7 to 8 cc and I tried the 10 cc syringe but the milk comes out too fast for her and she seems not to want to suck on it so I had to go back to 5cc syringe and  to put more milk in it until she has had enough.
She grabs the syringe in her tiny paws and she sucks quite hard and you can hear the milk gurgling down her tummy.

When she's done she wants a gentle kitty message on her back and she purrs then she wants to get in her warm box to knead the warm towel and purr loudly.

She peed on her own for the first time tonight. I think that this is more than enough publicity on Victoria.

I'm having a hard time getting enough sleep as Victoria wakes me during the night for feeding just like a baby and I'm so tired. So I'm off to bed as she will soon wake me up just when I fall asleep.

I appreciate your visit very much and I look forward to reading your comments. Have a great week.  JB