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Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Hi everybody. Blogging has been put on the back burner again and again during the summer... Nothing much interesting to report. Everyday life is repetitive and I'm more interested in the welfare of my soul than in reporting every little daily occurrence of what I've been up to.

I've been relearning how to hook after about a 40-year absence. I'm working on a baby blanket for a project our woman group is doing for the needy and I'm almost finished. I've made so many mistakes on the ends and it makes my pattern looks wonky. I finally got it figured out. It's not perfect but it will still keep a small baby warm. I hope my next one will be a little better. I love hooking this pattern.
The color is a soft yellow but despite all my efforts, it came out almost white in the photo even when I didn't use the flash.

I've put some preserve in freezer bags and bottles and the leaves are falling and it's getting colder. The broccoli plants are still producing and so are the kale and Brussel sprouts. There are still tomatoes and cucumbers left in the garden. September just zipped by and I barely had time to say hello and goodbye.

I've helped my son clean out his tall weeds and I'm starting to slow down in the outdoors department. It was a good summer and the garden did really well. There is still a bit of color left and my Grottendorst pink rose bush is still blooming like there's no tomorrow and all the annuals are still giving us their last show of color before the frost comes.

I've helped with the church supper and also cut pies all afternoon on Sunday again this fall... We served well over 400 people. I think somewhere around 431 if I heard right. This is not an official count.

The leaves on the tree in our front yard have begun to fall and the mums are in their glory.

Bada Bing and Bada Boom begonias are still blooming.

Phlox are showing what the have left to give for this year.

The little tiny plant my son Vaughan gave me to grow has grown a lot in the raised carrot bed.

The Charles Davis rose bushes are still giving a bit of beauty.

The potted marigolds on the stone steps are looking tired.

These are doing a little better.

Serendipity lobelias are still giving a good show between the stone steps.

The potted begonias also are getting tired

The hostas are saying we've seen better days but the marigolds are still as happy as could be.

Another serendipity lobelia that self sowed is doing really well in the bed.

Inpatients are still blooming well and I gathered some seeds for next year.

The Grootendorst rose bush is still blooming. They will bloom till the frost.

That's about it for this post. I hope that you are all doing well and are happy to welcome Autumn.
I have mixed feelings because I do not like the cold and snow but I'm happy to take a rest from gardening till Spring.

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Hugs, Julia