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Friday, January 29, 2016


You may ask,  why would anyone in their right mind want to print their blog posts themselves when you can have them made into books? Well... I've been blogging since August 2, 2010 and I've been procrastinating to have my posts made into books every years. There are just too many posts, thats why and I like a challenge anyway. Why not?

Color ink and even black ink for my Canon printer is very expensive but still, I really wanted to be able to read my old post in a hard copy when I want to check on certain events that happened during my blogging period. Reading old posts is invigorating when one get stale and yes, I've gotten stale...

You may remember,  one day I accidentally deleted a bunch of posts when I clicked  Delete  to erase a sentence from a post I was working on late at night, I made up my mind that somehow I would print my blog posts as soon as I could fine the time before I loose any more but  I didn't know how I was going to do it. It was just on my goal list.

Anyway, when I first tried to print my blog in portrait, some of the words were  missing on the right side and also the side of the photo was cut off too. Then I tried to print it in landscape.

These two photos shows you how it would print only part of a photo when there were a certain amount of words on the page and it would need two pages sometimes to show the whole photo and there was a lot of wasted blank spaces. Very disappointing format but I was glad to have retrieved my lost posts anyway.

 It worked and the pictures were larger but depending on how many words were on my paragraphs, it would sometimes cut off part of the photos so I had to print another page to get the whole photo.  It was better than noting but I was still not satisfied.

 Of course it didn't print the comments. It took a lot of paper. It only printed on one side of the page  and I had to print  each page separately. Still, I'm not giving up. I know there must be a better way but I'm clueless.

My next try got me excited, as I could print a whole bunch of posts from one click and it would print about 47 pages in book form but the draw back was that it printed each with the dates going backward instead of forward.  For example, the first post was dated December 30, the next post was Dec 27, and so on... so to read the post as they happened, I have to start to read at the back of the book to the front and all the comments are there.

This is how I found my lost posts....
I had gone into my old emails and found out that I had deleted a lot of my old blog posts  because I never thought that  I would someday need them since all my posts were on my blog anyway.
I couldn't remember what I had blogged about in the missing posts so long ago.

 I found a couple of comments regarding my blog  that wasn't deleted. I clicked on the email and the comment showed up and also the title of the post. I clicked on the title of the post and lo and behold, the whole post showed up.

At this point I was getting encouraged... but it was only one lost post. I scrolled all the way down and all the comments were right there as they appear on my post when I read the comments. Then I printed this post. In one click, the whole post got printed with comments. The only thing missing was the header but I don't mind because it's saving me a lot of color ink.

When I first began to blog, I would delete some posts from my email as I had them in my blog and I thought they were safe there. The only thing, since I deleted those emails,  I had no record of my old posts to print...  Then in my desperation, I found a few comments followers had made and I clicked on one of them and then I  clicked on the name of the post and lo and behold, my whole post appeared. I was so happy to be able to find that post at least.

 Then at the bottom of the post, was Previous Post and Older Post. I could go back and print the post and even the comments got printed with the post. I clicked on Previous Post and the whole previous post and comment appeared on my screen and I printed it.

Now I can print the posts with comments in the sequence they were written.

It's a small victory and I'm happy that I succeeded in printing my blog posts. Sometime you never know what you can achieve until you keep trying.

So these are my blog posts from August 2, 2010 to December 31, 2010 in three binders.  I was blogging daily then and was just getting started.

Thanks so much for your visit and know that I love reading your comments.