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Saturday, April 7, 2012


In 2002 just before Christmas I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer as many of you know and had a radical Mastectomy and had 5 lymph nodes removed. My daughter Christine came home to care for me and prepare the traditional family Christmas dinner  and help get the house ready for Christmas.

Now because I've had Breast Cancer,  Christine, the pie fairy,  raises money for Breast Cancer research every year by baking many pies of all kinds as incentive  for donations. She curls for the Breast Cancer Research Bonspiel along with her friend Katrhyne. Together they raised $5,095.00 this year  by baking 104 pies. They are both very busy working women and my daughter also cares for James along with her husband Joe.  James is now one year and two and a half months old

In this photo is my daughter's team. From left to right, Kathryne, Tracey, Erin and Christine.

 This year with a minimum donation of $40, the donor got a pie of his or her  choice and a tax receipt for $35. Many gaves more. The donors returns  for more pies every year and there are more demands for their pies. All the pies are made from scratch and so are the pie crust.

Those are the ingredients she uses in her pies. No premixes in those pies.  Everything is from scratch for unbeatable flavor.

James gives a helping hand of course and hails his mama's pies as the best.

                                                                  Lemon pies above

                                                        Sweet potato pie

                                                   Pie crusts waiting for filling

                                                      Blueberry pie

                                                               Coconut Cream pie

                                                         Key Lime pie

                                         Pecan pie above and Apple pie on the bottom.

There were 69 curling women in this Bonspiel, and altogether they raised  a whopping $39,000. for Breast Cancer  Research this year alone.

When my daughter first started to do this, she gave a pie  for a donation of $25. Every year it grew.  Now they no longer have to ask for donations and have repeat customers and new one too. They just put their orders in.

This is the third year  that  Christine and Katrhyne  are offering the pies as incentive and together have raised $12,500. for the cause in three years during the  Curling Bonspiels.

         One of my daughter's friend's husband is great at cookie decorating and came up with these bra cookies.

My daughter and her friend Katheryne made 6 pies for draws. Only four are shown here. They raised $415. with 6 pies.  Whoo Hooo..... Way to go girls.

I've been wanting to share this story but have been working on my quilt and had other things that kept me busy or preoccupied this past week.

I hope that you all have a safe and Happy Easter if you celebrate Easter, if not, have a safe and happy weekend just the same. For those who are having snow for Easter , you are in my thoughts. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and you all know how much I love your comments.   JB