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Friday, April 21, 2023



This is a rug that was unveiled by two of the organizer.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of this combination rug. It was created by two groups with different ideas but it came together smoothly.  A lot of research went into the planning of these rugs. The rug on the left side was to represent all the old traditions of rug hooking,  which they called mats, that are registered in the Mat Registry of New Brunswick, and the one on the right was designed by another group to represent the modern tradition of hooking mats.  Unfortunately, I didn't write anything down, and will gladly correct the errors as they are pointed to me. 

The rug on the left was designed by Allen Tibbets who I met at the St Andrews Rug Hoo-in last fall. A very talented artist. 

The partial butterfly was to represent the new rug hooking traditions.  These pieces were encased in a frame and will be covered by a piece of plexiglass and will tour New Brunswick. The museum curator was working on a plan to have it on exhibit at a later date.  A lot of planning and cooperation went into every phase of this project and I was glad to have had the privilege to have been present at the unveiling. 

This is fully accredited Pearl McGowan's teacher, Doris Norman.  She was explaining the process of getting this project from the planning stage to completion and the name of those involved. I didn't write any information down. 

And these were the people who planned and oversaw the project to its completion. 

These were the rug hookers who also worked on hooking the rugs for this ambitious project.  It was difficult to get a good picture as everyone was trying to take pictures.

It always feels good to be the lucky winner of a large basket of hooking goodies. By the looks of it, she bought lots of tickets. She seemed to be very happy.  Sorry, I didn't get her name.

Another lucky winner of another large basket of goodies.  There was also a third winner but when I  snap a picture someone blocked my view and the photo was messed up. 

I would have loved to take photos of the many rugs that were being worked on but it was just too crowded to be able to do that.  


Yesterday, despite the flooded roads which took me through a long detour of bumper-to-bumper cars through the back streets,  I made it a few minutes after 8:30  am. on the North side of the city.  I volunteered with the Heritage Rug Hooking Guild in Fredericton to sew identification tags on the back of rugs that were being registered with the New Brunswick Mat Registry. There were 41 mats registered.  It was my first time participating in the Registry.  I enjoyed the process and Doris Norman was in charge of organizing this to commemorate the Heritage Rug Hooking Guild's 40th Anniversary. 

 The mats were brought in by the owner and registered. There was a group of volunteers assigned to different stations and long tables placed around the room to work from.  Everyone had a specific job to do. 

The first table at the door had two workers, to help register the mats.  Identification tags were prepared for the sewers.  

There were 4 sewers at our table. Once we had the tag sewn on, we checked the appropriate box that said the label was sewn on and the mat was returned to the runner volunteers. They then brought the mat to another station like the examiner station. The examiners were qualified teachers and they had two new examiners in training.   They examined every detail of the mat and it was all written on the attached sheet.  They clicked the box that said that the rug had been examined. The mat was brought to the runner who would bring it to the next station.

The runner would bring the rug to the photographer who took pictures of the front and back of the mat and clicked the appropriate box. Then the owner had to be interviewed about the history of the mat etc. 

It looked complicated but it was a well-organized process and we were done a little ahead of schedule. 
When I returned home, the water had risen about 6 inches during the day but I managed to drive through safely.  A very satisfying day.  I did not take any photos. 

You can learn more about the  NEW BRUNSWICK MAT REGISTRY by googling it and visiting its different aspects of it.

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