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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I been away from blogging for over a week already and it seems like only a few days. How times vanishes so quickly, never to be seen again. I did get some much needed sleep and feel so much more relaxed.

Today I picked up the mail and was pleasantly surprised to receive a nice home made gift from one of my good blogger friend Kim from  My Field of Dreams.  It was two beautiful little wooden Christmas trees with each a star on the top. How sweet of her to think of me in this special way. Thank you dear Kim.

It has been a really busy time again for me since I blogged last.  Like everyone else, we've had more than our share of rain. Although our farm was spared this time we came close to having some water in our barn.
The water was all around us and we were stranded again as the two lanes going to the main road were flooded and blocked. I was too busy to take pictures.

Last Monday it was raining so hard and we spend most of the day at a Dairy Farm Meeting on Cost Analysis and by evening the water started rising fast. One of our farmer friend who was at the meeting with us got flooded badly and had a few feet of water in his barns. There was some flash flooding in his area. He lost about 3/4 of his bale silage that just floated away, water got into his milking equipment and all the bedding got wet as well a lot of the feed.

Needless to say that we rallied to help them out on Wednesday. We spend most of the day at their farm cleaning up and in all there were about 20 people there to help. The next day we had another meeting at our house for a good part of the day about the Cost of production again and then still barn work to do. I wasn't thinking of shopping for Christmas at this point.

My basement got flooded too but I had managed to put most stuff up on my plastic lawn chairs to keep them dry. Some of the small maple branches that my husband had put in the basement got wet on the bottom crates and also some of his potatoes.

In the mean time we've been to several Christmas parties from different organizations but this Sunday I had to finally clean and sanitize my basement. My job is still not finished but the wet wood and potatoes have been removed and the floor and chimney have been cleaned as well and the smell of wet wood is gone, thank goodness.

That black thing on my pie is not a fly . I just noticed it on my blog picture and had to go check my pies and thought that someone must have poked a small hole in my pie but was assured that no one touched my pies.... But from the first pie photo it looks like a fly. It's too cold for flies anyway at this time of year. lol

Today, I did some banking and baking. I got  my meat pies done and sampled one at supper and I made my Moca cakes. So at least I got a little done. I'll bake again tomorrow afternoon and wrap some small presents for our traditional present game that everyone just love. I love traditions.

I'll try  not to be  away so long from now on but I know that I won't be blogging every day and also I won't be able to comment every day either because of the time it takes. Thanks so much everyone for your faithfulness.  JB