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Monday, September 6, 2021


 It's been a busy August with freezing and bottling the harvest and we are now in September and nothing has changed. I'm still bottling and freezing. I'm glad that it almost coming to an end for the bottling at least.  There's still more harvest to do. 


The big cucumbers don't go to waste and are perfect to make Lady Ashburnham pickles. These are good sellers and will be sold at the Church Farmer's Market since we can't have a church supper this year again.

More bags of green beans. These are freezer beans and don't go mushy after cooking. 

                                   Dill Pickles and  Refrigerator Pickles.

                                                          Sweet Corn Relish.

Another big batch of Medium Hot Salsa and the juice that was left from draining the tomatoes was boiled down and seasoned for tomato juice to be used in soup. So far, I've bottled 120 jars of preserves.

Tomorrow, I'll be making some Strawberry Pineapple Jam for the MR. He loves his jam. 

It's been a rainy day today and the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. For me, Labor Day has always been a day to labor, lol...  There never seems to be time to rest on Holidays. I hope that you got to celebrate in your own way.

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Hugs, Julia