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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Today, it's raining again. We have had a day of sun and a day of rain, a day of sun and a day of rain all spring it seems.  While waiting for fair weather to work outside I've been working inside making a bed skirt from a very old bedspread. I won't say how old it is, you'll think I'm crazy for holding on to it for this long. It was way too short for the newer thicker mattress and the backing was falling apart. It was quilted from the factory and the thread was very flimsy so it was relatively easy to take apart.

Since the skirting was too short, I had to add another section to make it long enough. I used a white cotton sheet I bought at a Value Village a long time ago, it was like new. It's been sitting in the linen closet all this time. You can see the mattress on the floor on the right. Now my boxspring doesn't show.

I baked some lemon pies from scratch. 

While the sun was shining I put together a raised bed I bought on special at Princess Auto about a month ago.  I bought 6 in all...I planted some carrots called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as they claim. I have a blogger friend called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as she is.

I picked fiddleheads on our land by the side of the river. We couldn't pick last year because the flood came while the fiddleheads were up and Health Canada thought that they would be contaminated. This year, the flood came early before they came up so they were deemed okay to pick.

I know they look disgusting but after many, many baths the little brown skins that protect the tender fronds will all come off.

Here they are blanched for 2 minutes and then drained. I used my salad spinner and it makes the job so much faster. This is a delicacy that we look forward to eating every spring. At our Co-op they sell for $4.99 a pound.

The peas, onions, spinach and kale are all growing nicely.

The spring bulbs and flowers are growing as well as the lawn and dandelions. I've been pulling dandelions every day to try to keep them at bay.

Today, a rainy day, I posted on my blog to pass the time before dinner.
I hope that you all have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day to our friend in the USA.

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Hugs, Julia