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Saturday, June 14, 2014


It's been a busy week although my work of caring for the calves has diminished considerably since 12 of the 16 calves  I was caring for have been moved outdoors this past week and the little bull has been sold.  So now I'm left with only 4 calves to look after. Wow........ in no time my regular chores at the barn are done...

These are two of my weaned young calves in a bigger pen waiting to be moved in the long pen. They were curious to see if I would take their picture. They eat grain and hay and drink water from the water bowl. They are quick to feed.

The pen is longer than is shown in the photo and represent two days worth of work  and I wasn't quite finished. My son helped me remove the partition gate  away from the all that you see in the middle and I whitewashed the wall. You can see how black it was before.

 The long pen was empty and I used this opportunity to scrape calf shit, fly shit, dust and cobwebs and hay stuck in the cobwebs off the wall and ceiling and whitewashed everything.  The job wasn't  quite finished when I took this photo.

I've been working at the barn for over 5 years I think and this is the first time we didn't had calves in that long pen other than when they clean the bedding and they put them right back in when they are done, so I took this rare opportunity to whitewash the place.

Years of dirt accumulation on the ceiling was hard to scrape off until I used a wire brush.
I was using a thinner whitewash solution than I should have and it did not do a great job, yet it's way better than it was. This is two days work and I wasn't quite finished. I did some whitewashing on myself too while I was at it. lol...

I weeded this long garden and that took me two whole days  work. The hedge needs trimming. I don't know when that will get done. I need to move to a camp in the woods where the deers trim the branches, lol.

I also transplanted some basil, pepper plants where my lilies missed. No sense having bare spots.
The snow peas are up. Yesterday I planted another row along side the one that are out and I need to put up a fence soon.

Spinach is coming up.

Red and yellow onions are growing side by side and I think these are beets or swish chards. I love small tender beets.

More pepper plants and sweet basil

Let's see what's blooming in my gardens this week. Bearded Irises

Mauve creeping phlox by the hedge

A silly impatient bumblebee who can't even wait until this Lupin opens up fully to collect the nectar and pollen. There are tons of other blooms around.

More bearded Irises. All same old flowers as last year as I don't buy new one anymore but divide and conquer.

Another Azalea in a low container that has been there for ions. I was going to replant it in in the soil this Spring but it didn't happened.

A snowball tree by the chimney that is getting way too tall.

 This tree was a free bonus from a seed order catalogue and was just a tiny whip of about 4 inches when I planted it. I had no idea it would grow so tall. I've kept it trimmed from the bottom. Look at that, it looks like a bees nest way up there.

This is a close up of that Azalea

Can yo believe, these pretty ferns are fiddleheads that I planted there a couple of Springs ago. I dug them up along side of the river's edge. They spread by runners under the soil and pops up here and there. I love them.

So simple yet so beautiful and they grow for free around here, no need to spend money for these beauty.

These Leopardbane  have finished blooming and needs deadheading so they won't spread everywhere. It's been raining so it didn't get done yet.

 These are two more weedy flowerbeds that needed cleaning but it didn't take long.

Here the job is done. I have so much more to do.

What got done today will be shared another day. This post is already too long. My apologies but it's a record for prosperity.
Thanks for visiting and if you feel like it leave some comments.  They always make me feel like you came to my place to visit. My house is still dirty inside, my laundry is still not done, a good thing I have tons of clothes, undies and socks by the drawer full. hehehe.